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How long it takes to get company registration number?

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  • How long it takes to get company registration number?

    I've registered myself as self - employed just few days ago. Without the registration number I can't buy the insurance which I need for craft fair in June so time is quite important to me. Couldn't register earlier because I had to check my options with Job centre. And one more question - how long before registration I can claim expenses - I needed some tools and materials to make my cards. I looked on internet but it wasn't clear enough for me. Does it matter that I bought something one year ago?
    Hope someone can help

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    Does it have to be a "company" registration number? Because you're not a company if you're self-employed.

    And any purchases can only be included in each year's tax return.
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      I was not asked for any reference to buy pli insurance, just wanted to know what I made and how it was sold, so not sure why you are having a delay.

      What date did you give the tax office as the business start date, used to be you could claim up to 3 months before letting them know but these things change like the weather, try Business Link website may give you more details.


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        If you mean the UTR number you get from the HMRC when you register as self employed, it took 6 weeks for me to get it. I managed to get insurance without it though.
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          Thank you for reply - I didn't have anyone to ask because all of them are companies but I thought I didnt need any registration number for insurance, just the name. Must check with them on Monday


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            Maybe it applies only to limited companies, I need to check with them. I registered on 17th this month and gave them starting date 15th this month. To me it was logic that I can claim only expenses in this tax year but I read somewhere that you can claim expenses even 2 years back if they were for your current business.


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              I don't think that's UTR number but some years ago I was registered as limited company and I have this number already. I hope it will take less than 6 weeks but not sure if I need new one.


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                If you purchased the item solely with the purpose of using it for your business when you started it then you can claim anything up to 6 years before starting as long as you have the receipt. If no receipt is present then you have to workout how much the item would be worth at the start of your business and use that value.

                The tax office run courses on setting up your business and what you can and can't claim for as there is a lot of misconceptions about some of the things you can claim for. There are 3 courses in all but they are well worth attending.


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                  Thanks a milion - this information is really useful.