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  • Taking payments

    How does everyone take payments

    If using paypal which is the best option with them

    I am using zencart on my site so which paypal option would be best to use if go that route at the minuite ?



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    I don't know anything about zencart but I use the PayPal standard option, which allows you to set up buttons on your website and only charges you commission and not a monthly amount as well. It gives you the code to copy and paste and makes an add to cart button.

    The transaction is carried out on PayPal's site, which makes me happy because I'm not worrying about security on my site, and the customer gets returned to my site afterwards.

    I'm quite happy with it, it's a simple solution and people don't need to be PayPal customers to use it.
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      Thanks Wendy

      have been looking at paypal and will probably go with that

      will have to look at the zen site to see how to integrate it into the cart


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        If you're using Paypal do you know about their new prepay Mastercard? It's one of those cards that you have to have money in the account before you can use it but as it's issued by Paypal it means that as soon as someone pays you using Paypal that money is available to use immediately on the card. You don't need to transfer the money onto the card and you can still transfer it to your bank account if you want. It's handy though if you need some materials straight away. Anyway that's what they say it does, apparently they are available sometime this month.

        Be aware of the chargebacks with Paypal though, it's no fun if someone registers a dispute and you immediately get the money they've paid frozen from your account
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          If you are going to use Paypal, their standard account allows you to take payments on your website, or email payment requests to customers, where as the Paypal Pro, which cost an extra £20 a month allows you to take payments over the phone. Which is the better depends on what you intend to offer your customers and the number of payments you expect to take a month. if its only a small number the standard Paypal account will be enough and not cost you a monthly fee on top of the standard transaction fees.


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            I use Paypal for my payments and I use Zencart for my site too. What I've read is that you should avoid using Paypal Standard as sometimes there are problems with Paypal and Zencart sites communicating with each other. If there is a communication problem, you will still get the money put into your Paypal account, but your Zencart shop won't show what was ordered.

            If you use Paypal Express Checkout instead, it's supposed to work a bit differently in the background so there should be no problems with Paypal and your shop talking to each other. It's still free like Paypal Standard and works just the same. It's just the background technical stuff it does that means it should work error free unlike Paypal Standard.
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              I use PayPal and have had no problems with it at all. I have also added Google Checkout to my site as another option. It is very similar to PayPal, the fee structure is the same as well. I also offer the option of a cheque which is posted to me, however I don't start work until the cheque is cleared.

              Though PayPal is pretty universal, so I would stick with it!
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                Thanks everyone

                Thanks Soyofthenorth yeah had a read on the zencart site and they all said paypal express to run with zencart so that is what am doing, got some paperwork to take to the bank tomorrow to sort my business account out, so slowly getting there and an hoping to have more done on the website over the weekend