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  • Suggestions please

    Im researching and reading and looking online alot at the moment

    but need a name and am totally stuck.

    This would be a business name and a domain name
    I dont want it to be my personal name and also dont want it to be for one particular thing so have room to expand into other areas

    Am thinking of starting off with jewellery but will expand it eventually
    but naming things has always been a hard process for me

    As a hobby I write paintshoppro tutorials and can take me hours just to name one tutorial lol

    so if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to tell them me

    Thanks in advance


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    It's difficult to suggest names as they are so personal to you. The best thing I can recommend is to keep the name shortish, something that rolls off the tongue and grows on you. Doesn't necessarily have to tell you exactly what the business is, think what you first thought when you saw, that has nothing to do with what they do! I would laso recommend buying .com and, ukreg are the cheapest i've found for registering domain names. Good luck.
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      Thanks Baased
      I keep thinking of different things but nothing is standing out to me or it is going to limit me etc so still have my thinking cap on at moment lol


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        Do you or did you have a nickname at school or are known for your love of something. For example, if you're known for your love of tea, it could something with Earl Grey or you could use that as a prompt for something such as Lady Crafta?

        You could try making an anagram of your name. Or maybe you've heard your kids (or someone elses) come out with the sort of cute made up words that they do. My nephew made me laugh when he called his mum "meanie box mummy" after she had disciplined him for being naughty one day. Maybe not ideal for a business name but you get the idea.

        Do you have an in joke with your partner or friends? The sort of thing no-one else gets? or maybe something that crops up from time to time. My husband and I quite often refer to Marjorie Manners having a lie in that day if one of us is grumpy in the morning. It came from a friends mum who used always ask where Marjorie Manners was if he was being rude and it just stuck with us as a mickey take.

        Mine came about as a result of combining mine and my husband nicknames. Nothing to do with real tigers, although I did get a few visits from people looking for tiger related supplies at the start!.

        If you're really struggling, you could try a business naming tool like this one:

        Hope this helps!
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          Thanks StickyTiger

          upto now have come up with these names

          Elegant Designs
          Pure Elegance
          Prescious Metal

          The last one reminds me of rock and heavy metal groups a bit though lol


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            It's really your choice - I like Prescious Metal as I'm a bit of a rock chic at heart. I'm not sure if that misspelling is deliberate (Prescious rather than Precious) but it could confuse people. If you went for I would suggest getting the domain names for the correct spelling too and redirect it to you site so you don't lose business.

            The other two are fine but they aren't the sort of titles I would personally remember easily as they're pretty generic. Do you anticipate that your work will always be elegant, as opposed to funky, chunky or otherwise. As you say, you may change direction so it's worth bearing in mind. Also, have you checked out if their domain is available?
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              Was a spelling mistake I dont normally make that many so thank you for pointing it out to me

              Yeah I'm another that loves rock cant beat it

              Not checked out domains yet will be doing that shortly
              I already have my own website so will be speaking to my host later as can add a second domain onto that and will also be upgrading my bandwidth and disc space aswell its a help that can build my own website and blog just have to figure twitter out lol

              Im being pretty quick with it all as if dont will dither and umm and ahhh about whether to take the plunge