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  • Insurance help please

    new to this forum & wondered if someone could help,give me some advice.
    Im in the process of being self employed,working from home,been thinking about this for a long time as it fits in really well with the children and i love making things.
    The items i make have sold really well over the last few months so finally registered as a buisness with a popular Auction site (am i allowed to say the name?) & my OH is a web designer so has designed my website.
    The items i sale are handmade headband/Alicebands,hair bands,clips & i sale wooden signs for weddings.
    Ive done everything i should have done,contacted HMRC registered as self employed etc & tax credits.
    Im now wondering about Insurance..........This is where im stuck,i hope to do some craft fairs but not for a while yet as i need to sort the auction site out & website first,so do i still need insurance if im only selling Online?
    I want to do everything right so im covered.
    Could anyone recommend insurance company and what sort of cover i need as i really am stuck.
    Thankyou for taking the time to read and any advice would be appreciated
    liz x
    Hope ive posted in the right place

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    Several specific to crafters Ian Wallace, G M Imber, mine is with the Artists Network, if you google craft insurance you should come up with some, also I think CMTA as well. You will need public liability.


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      I get my PLI insurance through the CMTIA (Combined Market Traders Insurance Association) - which reminds me, I need to call them to renew my policy which runs out at the end of this month!

      I pay less than £50 for the year and they are very quick at sending out the policy which is perfect if you have a fair coming up soon! Their insurance is underwritten by Zurich which is good as they are a well known company.

      I also have an additional 'working from home' clause on our household insurance which covers me for stock and business equipment and didn't cost a lot but is worth the peace of mind. Would be worth speaking to your insurance company about that too if you don't have it.

      Good luck with your new business.
      Ali x

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        Hi there, I use CMTIA (Combined Market Traders Insurance Association) as well and would recomend them, they never "slap my hands" when i am late renewing!!
        Happy Crafting!

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          I think it also depends on whether people will come to your home (to collect purchases, maybe crafting parties etc), what the value of your stock is and how many fairs you plan on doing. I didn't look at CMTIA but I looked at the others and for my needs Direct Line for Business were the best by far and about £50 cheaper than the next quote.
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            I remember running into difficulty about internet selling and craft fairs. I settled on
            G M Imber because they allowed both - but with an upper limit on internet sales.
            I think others covered it, but I couldn't get hold of a 'real' person to clarify it.

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              I just got a quote yesterday from G M Imber for £55 and includes all the things I want, selling a fairs, internet sales (as long as you don't exceed £25,000pa - I wish!!) and party play nights as long as its only a couple a month. I thought this was really good, used to have direct line cover but this is much ore tailored to the needs of crafters, think the policy is called Craftsure Starter but the have different levels of cover to suit. I got another quote by the way for £260 and they weren't sure if internet sales where covered but said "I'm sure it would be fine"!!
              Laura x