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    Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me...
    I'm setting up a business making handmade wedding stationery. I currently buy all my supplies through local craft shops and internet sites. However, often local craft shops only stock items for a limited period of time and are unable to place specific orders for large amounts of one item for me. I would like to start dealing directly with cardmaking and papercraft suppliers/wholesalers however I am having great difficultly finding any. Understandably local craft shops won't tell me who their suppliers are so I'm a bit stuck!
    Does anyone know of any good suppliers/wholesalers or of any bodies/trade magazines where I could find a list of suppliers/wholesalers? The kind of products I would be looking to purchase from them are: patterned papers, coloured paper and card, embossing powders, ultrafine glitter, glue/sticking products etc.