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Just bought my domain name... now what?

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  • Just bought my domain name... now what?

    I have started making handmade cards and have just bought the name

    Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on how to set up a website. I am looking for something free (if possible), if not very cheap. Also hosting. This is all very new to me and don't even know where to start.

    I would like to set up a page where people can buy my cards i.e. link to paypal etc. Is there a charge for this from paypal etc.

    Any help would be appreciated as I feel out of my depth!

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    There are lots of different ways of setting up a website and much will depend upon your abilities and computer knowledge as to which suits you most. I used Mr Site originally and have this year moved over to which I love. The business package costs £99.90 a year (including hosting) and lets you set up a fully functioning e-shop with many payment options available so you don't just have to stick to using PayPal.

    There are free ones such as Weebly but I haven't used this so can't comment (there are members of the forum who have so I am sure they will be able to enlighten you further on how easy this is to use). With you have a 30-day free trial so you could set up a website using that and see how you get on with it. There are some cheaper packages with lower numbers of items allowed in your shop which may suit you also.

    Good luck with whatever you go with - building a site takes time and patience but there are lots of threads on here about what needs to be included on your site (particularly in relation to complying with Distance Selling Regulations) if you do a search I am sure you will find loads of threads to help you determine what seems to work well and what doesn't.

    Don't forget to let us know when it is up and running so that we can take a look.

    Hope this helps.
    Ali x

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      Hi. I have my website with Mr Site. When you buy the starter package (which I have) you can set up a shop with paypal and checkout etc.

      When setting up it asks you if you have a domain name or if you want to get one.

      You get the package and it gives you a really simple guide to setting up, which is just as well as I am pretty useless.

      Have a look at my website. It costs £19.99 for the year and you can buy it at the bottom of my home page.

      Good luck


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        Your website looks great! Do you know what charges are made with regards to paypal etc? Any advice with regards to any other payment options, i.e. What if some customers don't have paypal?


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          I use weebly and it's free. I've never had a problem with it. In fact, I've found it very simple to use.

          The fact that it uses Paypal shouldn't be a problem as I believe people who do not have an account can still pay by card through it.


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            Are there any costs involved with regards to paypal etc.?


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              Best bet is to have a look at Paypal's T&Cs/help pages - there are costs but can't remember the detail off-hand.


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                Free Website design

                Go to it is completely free and very easy to follow.
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                  I used a free demo from Serif to start with. You can only have 5 pages with the free version, but I only paid about £30 for the full bells and whistles version, which I found easy to use.
                  The basic package from paypal is free to use, just pay a percentage on sales. You can add your own logo and colours to the paypal checkout too, so it matches your site.


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                    I also use Create.cet which I have found suits me. I am not very computer literate and there is a great support forum. You also have a free 30 day trial!
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                      Maizie - your PayPal question - take some time out to look on read what it says.
                      There are different deals and yes, Paypal takes a cut. They are in effect a bank.
                      Your customers don't need a PayPal account to pay through PayPal (although it speeds things up to one click), they can pay by debit or credit card.
                      I'd say start with the simplest, cheapest package on offer. You can always switch to one of the others, later, if you see the need.


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                        I use for my website, it's £35 for the year, comes with lots of templates, you can add 100 pictures that can have prices on for the price. They also link through to paypal and google at the checkout.

                        Paypal is free but they do take a small % of the amount you draw out from them. I think the amount depends on how much you draw out in 1 go.

                        Good luck! If you go with clikpic and need any help drop me a message

                        Claire x
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                          Thanks for all your messages. I really am in a pickle! It all began when I started making cards at christmas etc. Now I want to put them on a website and see if they sell. I am also doing jute bags with bath bombs or candles as gift bags, that way I can point my friends in the direction of where everything is. I work 16 hours per week on PAYE. I have just called the HMRC and they have said that I will pay 20% on anything I earn through this business. It was never supposed to be this heavy!!! I just wanted somewhere where I can put my products on and if people would like to buy them, then great. Wasn't planning on going self-employed. The thought terrifies me!!! Not sure what to do and whether anyone else has felt this way before?!


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                            First of all calm down.
                            The first £7,475 you earn, however you do it, is not going to be taxed.
                            You don't pay any tax on this little card business you have on the side, until you make a profit. You don't make a profit until you make sales and even then you will have spent out to get started, you will continue spending to keep going and can claim things like a proportion of the heat and light of your home as tax allowable expenses. These come off your profits. I doubt you'll make a profit for the first year. I doubt you'll be paying any extra tax (to start with) and some people on here found they got some tax back. (When all their income (or lack of it) was added up their PAYE had paided out too much tax.)
                            Take a deep breath.
                            First make a sale.
                            Then tell the IR (register as self employed) and they'll guide you to the self employed bits you'll need to fill in NEXT year and they'll offer you an afternoon of guidance on those tax deductable allowances. Take them up on this. It will be worth it. And they'll give you a bit of personal attention.
                            Meanwhile, keep all your utility bills and record all the money you spend on making your cards, and hopefully, any money coming in from selling them.

                            Remember: if you are paying tax, you are making money. That's good, isn't it?


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                              totally agree with everything annieanna said and yes we all felt like you're feeling at the start. The best advice I can give is keep copies of everything and keep a book where you write anything you spend and anything you sell in and that'll help you tie up all the receipts to where they came from!