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My site is 1Year old on Sunday!!!

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  • My site is 1Year old on Sunday!!!

    I am just about a year old now and its time to sort out that tax return I keep putting off, its not that it worries me just have been really busy recently.

    Well today I started to do a stock take of everything we have in stock at the minute, I sometimes take items from stock to make up kits etc and have obviously forgotten sometimes to alter my stock levels when I have done this, I normally put them through as sales to the business, hence the stocktake, I want to start year 2 with all the right figures.

    My question is what do I do about the discrepencies in item numbers, do I just adjust these or should I put them through as stock taken from shop as sales back to the business? Does that make sense?

    My other question is about book keeping, up to now I have done my books in a sole trader accounts book but I would like to do it all on the pc so can someone recommend a program to do this on? I have excel on my pc and wondered if this is where to start

    Hope someone can help me with this


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    Sorry, haven't the foggiest, just wanted to say
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Sunday!!!!


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      congratulations Maz
      my site starts officially from sunday!
      must be a great feeling to still be running a year later.
      sorry cant help with your question but can i ask where you got your sole trader accounts book from? i like the laptop but i would like to have it written down somewhere to?

      Heres to another year
      Deanne x

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        Its a Collins book I got from my local Staples shop but I think you can get something similar in Smiths as well

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