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Home Craft Party Plan .. was great but where to go from here ?

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  • Home Craft Party Plan .. was great but where to go from here ?

    this thread might be useful for anyone but im hoping to find advice too. After my first stint of craft events this year, I have to admit iv been dissappointed with the majority of them, but have found several good ones which i will rebook again.
    I was asked to do a party plan for a fundraising event at a friends house last week. I went in quite pessimistic but was actually amazed that i took around £150 within the 2 hours i was there !.. and it was around 100 yards from where i live so no travel expenses ! Its opened a new door for me but i just wondered if anyone holds parties on a regular basis ? does anyone have any hints in order to gain hosts ? iv made leaflets and started handing them out at the school gates etc.. but this seems the hardest thing of all to get people interested. I would be grateful for any help or advice as it would be great to make it work as it fits so well around having children etc and im due to start a part time job so would be workable with this too.
    thanks for reading

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    Don't have any answers I'm afraid, but I'll be watching this one.

    I too have handed out lots of leaflets and offered the host 20% off their order plus a free gift. Had one jewellery party, which went well, but no further parties.

    A couple of people have come to me stating they would like to book me about October time, in time for christmas, so perhaps it will pick up from there.

    Hope you get some good results too.


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      I put leaflets out on my table whenever I do a reasonably local fair. How about putting one in your local shop window?

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        thanks all for your advice x


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          Posters are a good idea. In order to get them seen by the people who may be interested try your local hairdressers, post office, gym, even pub or restaurant and see if they will let you put one up.