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    I am building a website for my husband's craft business and would welcome your advice

    I have linked it to PAYPAL although until I test it I don't know if it will work

    Its a free site through Getting British Business Online - free for two years then a (I am told modest) payment

    Has anyone else done this?

    I would also welcome any feedback you can give

    I am noot allowed yet to post URLs as I have not made enough posts

    I assume this is to do with stopping spamming so I am not complaining

    If you want to see it its

    (with the w's before it)

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    Hi, tried looking at your website but it does not show up. Have you published yet?

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      The picture on the home page made me smile. I just thought blimey what does he do? LOL.

      Would like to see more of his other work, bird boxes, etc. Clearly a talented guy. Shame you did not choose crow field designs as he can do allot more than just signs.

      I hope you don't mind me commenting like this, it's not to offend just one persons view out of millions.
      Good Luck!


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        Tried again and it shows up now, don't know what that was about cos I copied and pasted the address. Anyway I think you have made a good start but I think it would be benficial for you to have a proper online shop with your plaques, bird boxes etc listed on there for sale. It is a little confusing how to order and I think this may put some people off. I don't know if it is possible have a proper shop with the company you are using for your website but there are lots of cheap alternatives out there. I built my website with and you can have a fully functional store at a very reasonable price.

        Folksy Shop


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          I know you are still in building stage but there are a number of things you need to have on your website to comply with Distance Selling Regulations (there are quite a few threads on here already about it). Forgive me if these are already included and I missed them!

          These include: Full postal address and contact number & Clear returns policy including 7 day 'cooling off' period. If you search on google for Distance Selling Regulations you will get a synopsis of what is legally required in the UK.

          Looking good so far.
          Ali x

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            Good start, Not really used google sites so don't know how easy it really, I would suggest that the text on the home page is brought up in line with the picture. Also (sri work in IT and have had a bit of fun with search engine stuff) the more relevant text you can put in the better, search engines love loads and loads of relevant text to index so fill your boots and blow your trumpet. If you search the forums on SEO or search engine optimisation you'll find loads and loads of good advice so I won't go into it all here.

            Will be interested to know how you get on with GBBO as this is a solution we've been thinking of but when I browsed the web for it I found a google forum with loads and loads of unhappy customers so being risk adverse have decided to wait for a while. Hope you won't be one of them.

            BTW the hopefully small fee you refer to is just your domain name reregistration, it SHOULD only cost around 3 quid[ish] so I wouldn't worry about that too much.
            David & Catherine