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    Ok i've neglected it for a bit but now i'm on it full steam ahead....
    I'm having trouble with placing the images exactly where i want them on the page....
    I go to the design bit, put the images where i want them (eventually as they won't always go where i put them!!)
    But then when i look at the site on the web the images are not where they are on the designing page!!
    It's only by millimetres but it makes a huge difference to the look of the page,
    I know a few of you have Mr Site, so how did you get the images exactly where you wanted them?
    Am i doing something wrong???

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    tell me about it!!!
    I am also looking for the answer.
    Mr site is at times very trying!!
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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      Know exactly how you feel Mr site can certainly try your patience sometimes.


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        These things have limitations..

        As your not in control of the code its a hard thing to sort of..

        placement is normally control by something called css (style sheet)

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