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    Good Afternoon!

    I have just started a new website selling cardmaking and scrapbooking products. We started planning it in November and the site went live in February but I have already learnt that some suppliers are not reliable!

    I waited 3 months for several products to arrive and, after several emails, phone calls etc, they finally told me that they didn't do back orders! This was very frustrating, especially as I had images on the site with the words "coming soon" next to them! As you can imagine, I didn't and won't order from them again.

    Why can't companies provide a good service? I am determined that our business will look after it's customers as they are the ones that keep you there.

    Where do you get your crafty things from and did you get a good service?

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    I know how you feel, i've been waiting for account details from 3 new suppliers for the last week or two. I have sent a couple of emails to them, but i don't want to cross the line between prompting them and harrassment.
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      That's why i did it by email most of the time. It was annoying though as one of the products that I never received proved to be the product that was viewed most on my site! I would have sold loads of them!
      I can't find another supplier that stock it.

      We live and learn.....