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  • Start Up Grants....

    .......does anyone know anything about these and where to apply? Is there a body who deals with crafts?

    I spent nearly all morning with our local business link advisor who's a craft spe******t. She's told me that there is nothing to help people who live in my area - North Somerset. I find that so hard to believe, but I suppose she must be right.

    Fair enough, there's nothing particularly for my county, but are there any countrywide ones? I'm not really sure what to call them...companies? charities?

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    It seems that a lot of grants are related to postcodes.
    I am very unlucky that I live in a rural community outside Hull. If I was in Hull they would be chucking them at me. I am in a ladies business support group that has members from all over the area. They are getting £300 grants for starting a business, £500 (match funding) towards IT upgrading and it goes on and on. Poor me who needs a car to get anywhere cannot get any of the grants. I have also looked into the rural business support side of things but it seems I don't qualify there either!
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      I think it's the same here...

      ....we live in a village that's now just a suburb as there has been so many new homes built, that we join onto the town now.

      For business grants purposes, we are in a village so we don't count. For rural grants purposes, we now live in the suburbs of the town, so again, we don't count.

      It's so cross-making.....

      I need to move. Where's the property ads....

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        I know that grants go on postcodes so it depends who your local council is. My Business Link advisor told me that Scarborough Council do start-up grants but not after 1st April. He put my application in during March but I'm still waiting to hear if I've got it or not.

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          Inland Revenue....

          ............arrgghh I know dare I say it but the Inland Revnue I think have something on their website you could check about grants in your area.

          Good luck

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            Not very helpful I know but I got all the start up grants from business link when I started last year, obviously I have the right post code. It just doesn't seem right.
            Though last time I saw my Business link advisor he told me that the funding for them has been withdrawn for small companies like mine from now, but he is self employed and just works through them and has been given a different area to cover. Oh no I thought..but lucky for me he is a great guy and said that he is still going to offer me his support and business knowledge for free!

            I don't know any other bodies that offer grants etc, I am seeing David next week I will ask if he knows of anything..he might have some ideas.
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