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Home insurance and working from home...?

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  • Home insurance and working from home...?

    Hi everyone,

    We are just looking to renew our home insurance and now that I work from home I am sure there will be some extra premium I have to pay for insurance.

    Anyone know anymore about this before I get stung by a broker??

    Many thanks
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    Hi Steve

    It could be worth checking exactly what your current policy covers....

    ...I simply upgraded from the bog-standard home insurance to the next level up with my existing insurers (Nationwide) as it covers working from home and equiptment etc. Only cost a few pounds more a month and we also got other benefits such as DIY protection - probably a very useful thing if you'd ever seen my hubby accidentally drill through a power cable.
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      Cheers for that - we found it really hard to get insurance when you work from home. Only one company would offer it and they charged more than double our normal contents and building insurance despite only covering small percentage of stock. I'll check out Nationwide - thanks - unusual and sometimes downright weird jewellery :P