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  • New Craft Business in Leicester

    Hi All,
    I haven't been on for a while but am back now LOL I have the opportunity to set up my own craft business selling my own hand made items but also supplies. If anyone on her in Leicester wants to put their two penneth in please do. I want to sell supplies but not just stick to the normal card making, jewellery etc. There must be alot of people out there that do unuausl crafts or things that are abit different and find that they have to travel miles for their supplies. Or have to buy offline without knowing what you are really getting, I will give you an example: I have made reborn dolls in the past and as usual could not get my supplies in town I had to buy online or making mohair bears I had to buy online or travel to luton to buy my equipment.
    So I would like imput from those especially in the Leicestershire area as to what you would like to see being sold in your area that you can't get in town.
    I will also be looking at the possibility of doing workshops as well.
    I hope this all makes sense and I look forward to your response.

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    Hi Nicky,

    There are many occasions that I need something that I cannot get in town. For example, last week I needed some button shanks (for making buttons). I went around all the local craft shops and sewing/fabric shops and they all looked at me with blank faces. This happens a lot and I think my local craft shop is getting a bit fed up with me because they never have what I want LOL.

    Anyway, I got home after spending several hours searching, logged on and my button shanks were delivered the next day. Again, this situation happens a lot.

    Its a difficult one because the shops cannot cater for everybody (restricted space) and because they want regular turnover of stock it wouldn't be good business (for them) to stock the more unusual items (in my opinion).

    But good luck to you with it, I could list hundreds of items that you could stock, and if you did I would be a VERY regular customer. Let me know if you go ahead.

    With regard to the workshops, I know the very talented Kerry Wilkinson also from Leicestershire has just set up craft workshops, so I would not like to comment.

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      Hi Nicky, I'm not in Leicestershire but thought I'd throw in my tuppence anyway I love your enthusiasm mainly because you sound just like me 2 years ago! When I started my shop I had the same idea as you, I wanted to cater for as many crafts as possible and got excited about ordering in non-card making things (which my website purely did). I even offered a service initially where I tried to source things for people and had built up quite a database of suppliers so that more often than not I was able to get these spe******t things in for them.

      But Mick is right - the more unusual items hung around for ages and as part of my capital was tied up in these things it wasn't great for business. Ordering in things for people was great initially until I found myself frequently ordering something for £5 for a customer and then having to order more stuff (whether I really needed it or not) to make the suppliers £150 minimum order.

      At the end of the day I'm now back to only selling card-making and scrapbooking stuff in my shop - I flogged the soap making, candle supplies and mosiac stuff on ebay just to get rid and to allow me funds to buy the stock my customers bought regularly. I also keep a really limited amount of jewellery making supplies such as thread and clasps...the kind of things that people need to fix their broken necklace.

      I think the biggest problem with all these other crafts was that I was unable to hold a big enough choice - ie the mosiac artist wants more than 10 colours of tiles to choose from and a jewellery maker wants a massive selection of colours and styles of beads - far more than I ever could hold. I was trying to be a jack of all trades master of none

      I know these all sounds really negative but I wanted to warn you of my experience, maybe someone will be along with a more positive spin on it.
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        Like previous posts I too admire your enthusiasm but I think you need to be really cautious about investing time and money in an enterprise before you've really done a lot of research on whether it would be viable.

        It's not really the same for us as being potters we get most of our stuff from Stoke anyway, but I do (like most of us) dabble around in other crafts when the fancy takes me and find I can get most of the bits I want from Dominoes on the High Street which as you'll know is a massive store which can hold an equally massive stock of all crafts imaginable. I don't know about spe******t jewellery stuff etc. but card making supplies are everywhere, including Wilkinsons I've recently noticed, and you may not be able to match their prices. Also, it's so easy to google what your're looking for and get a good choice.

        I don't want to be negative, just to sound a big note of caution.