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    Hey peeps,

    I'm thinking of getting a logo sorted to put on my business cards, flyers etc, and I've got a few questions...... apologies if I'm repeating any questions that have already been asked:
    • Do I have to register my logo?
    • Can I design it myself or do I have to go through a company to make sure I'm not copying someone elses?
    • Does anyone have any good ideas???
    Any help/ information would be gratefully received.

    Sally x
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    Hi Sally

    There's no legal requirement to register a logo and considering the cost, most people don't. Creating a trademark is an expensive process and even having done so, would you have the financial clout to take someone on in court if they copied it?

    Unless your card business gets to be the size of Clintons it's unlikely you'll get problems anyway - and by then you would have the money to sue!

    As for doing it yourself, why not? If you're struggling though there are a number of places online that will create logos for you very reasonably - or you could just browse the sites to see if you can pick up some ideas ;-).

    Although you might use various existing sources for inspiration, it's highly unlikely that you'd actually end up with a copy of someone else's because you'll be adding your own creativity.

    I wrote a short ebook about the whole "branding" thing and I'd be happy to let you have a copy if you drop me a pm.

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      My answer to question number 2.
      If you draw/design it yourself it's yours, yours, yours

      The other day we spotted my logo carved on a chest in a museum. I could have sued the pants off them but I've been chatting with the curator and the chest was made as a feely touchy project for special needs children and they thougt my image was a real 400 year old woodcut. How sweet and flattering is that? It's birth went..."Hi son. You're lolling around. See this photo of me? Can you make it look like a woodcut using the computer." Son disappeared into his gorilla den. Hour later "Will this do mum?"

      (Its on if you want to play spot the difference.)


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        My dragon was drawn by a friend of my brother, and the lettering is modified from Abaddon. (that way I can use Abaddon to "match" it, close enough)

        I've drawn logos for him, too (he's a web designer), usually based on photos & such, also.

        AnnieAnna - that's so sweet! You should have asked them to put up a card for you next to it...
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          I had mine done by Laura - she draws
          She did both the logo for Glamglass and for Sockafellas and is really good at capturing the image you would like!!

          I think a Logo helps you to feel more professional!!



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            There are some free logo design packages if you type it into google. Or there are some people on Etsy who will design you a nice one for about $5
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