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advice please importing fabrics business??

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  • advice please importing fabrics business??

    hi there
    well ive just come across these forums,
    for ages ive wanted to import fabrics to sell online and possibly craft stall but ive always put it to the back of mind as just dont know where to start, well i had to give up my job last year for medical reasons so have started looking back into it, ive googled about how one would go about this but have found nothing but this place did come up!
    so im just wondering if anyone knows anything about doing this as i just dont know where to start and is it a viable thing, im not really looking at it to bring in a humungous amount of money just basically to have something to do and iim always making things and have such a passion for fabrics (most of which are unavailbe in the uk or extortioante prices) plus theres peole on ebay that do it
    its just something id really like to do and obvuisly there is a way to do it as there stores and online stores so it can be done lol but im just so lost where would i even start i have no idea
    i think i am legible for a small business loan but is it a case of googling companies and asking if they sell trade or what
    im sorry if i sound so silly but im really lost with this and i so want to do it
    any help and avice would be so much apprecaited
    or is there some place site or something that actually deals with this
    thanks so much everyone

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    to the forum. I am sorry but can't help you evel though my crafting is fabric based. Somewhere there must be a list of international weavers. Contact them and ask the question, you could also ask them if they know any other Mills that would be interested. You have to start somewhere and often once you start a ball rolling you discover other suppliers as well. Its worth a try.
    God helps them that help themselves.