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  • Making a living???

    Hello everyone.

    No idea if i'm posting this in right place. But for those of you that have set up your own business or sell your crafts do you make enough to live off, by that I mean to pay the bills, nothing too extravagent.

    I am just about to finish my maternity leave, and am hoping that I will eventually be able to make enough to not have to 'go back to work'.

    I am making beaded jewellery and other beaded items, such as wine glass charms.

    Just be nice to know whether this is a realistic venture or not.

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    Hello Becky
    I can only speak from my own experience so I am sure there will be other comments from other people but, I started my own business last year. Things are going very well at the moment. I am not replacing my old salary ,just yet.. but I am def heading in the right direction. I have to say though in this first year I have had to put quite alot of money in to get started for stock, advertising, exhibitions etc it's not a cheap option but it is very exciting. If you have opportunity 'go for it'!
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      I've not actually done much on the selling side for my crafts yet as I am trying to get some stock together. I do, however, work at various businesses from home which are bringing in various levels of income. At present I am working on my crafts at times when I want to relax. So it would be great to hear answers from others to Becky's question. Meanwhile I do intend to continue having a variety of work to do. Keeps life interesting.

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        Do It!!!!!!!!!!

        Hi, i only started making jewellery last year but the way i did it was to host some private parties, that will tell you if there is a market for your stuff, mine went really well, also did some 'shopping evening' type things locally near xmas, i find these are much better than craft fairs as i don't know about anyone else but always get the impression crafters go to craft fairs to get ideas for themselves but at shopping or gift fairs people will actually 'Shop'.
        (its all in the title - sychological) (is that even spelt right?)
        Anyway i had 2 jobs last year but am giving one up in a couple of weeks to hopefully make a go of the crafting thing - as long as i can get a hang of websites................................


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          Hi guys,
          Working for yourself certainly gives you a buzz and I'd recommend it to anyone.
          It can be tricky to get the right level of funding to really get things off the ground though.
          Seeing as you are already doing home parties etc you might want to check out my site to see if we have anything to tempt you. (see Craft Partners in the news items section for info on how to sell your own stuff along with us)
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            I've been thinking along the same lines although I've been thinking of doing mine as a sideline. Although it does seem to me that everyone seems to be trying to make a business out of selling jewellery at the moment so I guess you just have to work hard to make yours stand out and make sure you have the time to put into it.

            G xx


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              As im only in the first year of my business, im not exactly ordering the Porsh just yet. Ive had a lot of expenses ie equipment etc, but things are going really well. Fingers crossed for the future.
              Good luck


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                I think the key is to test the market first, to measure your success. I am new to crafts and would love to do it full time, but have yet to make many sales yet to judge if it would pay the bills. I have some craft fairs coming up (sorry, I am aware I have said that loas recently!) so will see how sales go from that.

                One option I have thought about is reducing my hours at work, so I can spend more time on my crafts. But I want to give it some time yet to make sure I will make enough money. On thing that worries me is not as 'mainstream', in that their is not such a big consumer market for it as cards and jewellery? Any thoughts?
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                  I'm doing my paintings as I'm a 'stay at home mum' also. I didn't go back to work after my second and I'm doing my craft as a business. My hubbie says its a hobby which pays for itself but I'm looking forward to proving him wrong

                  I'm hoping to get established before my littlest goes to school in a couple of years, so I don't have to go and get a 9-5 job. I'm enjoying being my own boss, and although its going well, I'm not contributing to the bills.

                  I'm sure with lots of hard work some people do make a living out of their craft. Good luck with yours.


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                    Hi colourart,
                    I'm a stay at home Mum too though with only 1 to look after at the moment (21 months). I've just registered as self employed (at least it keeps my NI contributions up to date!) and want to give it my best shot and have something viable once my child(ren!) is/are at school. I only started in earnest just before Christmas and made enough to cover all my Christmas presents which wasn't bad!
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                      There would be nothing i would like more, to be my own boss. I thought it would be reasonably easy once i'd set up a web site, but as of yet haven't made any sales (all my sales have been to local people who just ring me up and tell me what they want).

                      My day job at the moment is doing the VAT returns for all our clients and producing a set of accounts (work for a chatered Accountants). You can see why I'm so eager to set up my own business!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                        I only set up my website last October and I have made quite a few orders but it is very sporadic. You can get a rush and then a long lull. However craft fairs are generally fine (as long as they are craft fairs and not craft and tat fairs).

                        I should really try and get into shops stocking the candles but I don't know where to start and not being very pushy don't like to feel like I am in the shop owners face.

                        Needless to say I still need to do the day job but hopefully eventually I will be able to chuck it!!

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                          re business

                          Hi all

                          I managed to make a good living from my craft, handmade candles.

                          I started it up as a full time busines 7 years ago and have only had one bad year which was last year. Sales were very bad, not just craft fairs but on my website as well. I don't know if people were just watching the pennies or my range didn't appeal to them.

                          However I did have to find myself a part time job at the tale end of last year and it has helped to buy supplies etc. I didn't want to close the business down as I felt that we had put a lot of hard work into it and spent a lot of money as well.

                          But I can now happily say that this year so far has been fantastic and things are defo looking better sales wise. I'm rushed of my feet at the moment so I'm hoping that it continues.

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                            That's a good point flame..

                            Some years can be good and other really bad..

                            Election year make a big difference along with house prices and interest rates... You may think I just make crafts but generally people need spare cash to buy them hence loads of stuff effect how much £££ you make..


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                              I noticed last year was a really bad year. I only set the web up in October but have been doing craft fairs for a few years. Last year every craft fair I went to was down on the years before. I was lucky I always made enough to cover my tables but there were quite a few people who didn't even make that.

                              So far this year has been a lot better and have been quite busy but not enough to be able to pack in this day job (how else would I be able to be on the forum so much if I wasn't in work?)

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