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  • Thinking of giving up

    What would you do? I have a good little bridal jewellery website that after 3 years of on page 1 of Google for my key search terms but I don't have the time any more to do it justice. Do I just pull the plug, am really tempted or should I try and pass it on as it has taken a lot of work to be where the site is today (would do this through Ebay / my site isn't on my profile)

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    Its no mean feat getting onto page 1 of google, I've no idea what your income from the site is but I would think it's worth something just because of it's prominent position.
    I know how hard you have to work on a site to make it popular (I work on mine every day for at least 2 hours) so , personally, I would be tempted to do something with it rather than give it all up.

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      I don't know what your circumstances are but I would suggest just putting it on hold for a while. It would be so hard to get it all back if you changed your mind in the future.
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        Well done for getting to page one on Google

        It is certainly a massive thing to be on page one for any search terms let alone for Bridal Jewellery. My advice would be to hang fire for a moment, is there any way you can get a relative to help you out?

        If you really do find that you can't do the website justice I would certainly suggest selling it as someone else would most certainly pay a good amount of money for the site dependant on what the keywords are.
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          Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply to this. I know it is a strange post but when your hobby(have a day job) becomes a chore you sort of scratch your head thinking where has your hobby gone. I did take a 6 week break from it over Christmas (removed all my stock ) and it was great just doing other things like knitting. My site is up for renewal in 4 months so will think about it, I think you have helped me decide not to try to pass it on as it would be too complicated so will just see how it goes. The maintenence is a pain in the neck, its all very well being on page one but everyone else is trying to be there so it takes a lot of effort to keep there if you know what i mean but if I can do it with no SEO help anyone canThank again