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    I'm in the process of setting up a handmade business selling baby gifts. I am looking for somewhere to host my domain name so I can use it to point to my online shop which I'll have on big cartel or folksy. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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    companies like will register and host your domain for a very low annual fee, though some other "all in" domain registration sites offer more comprehensive services if you need them.


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      i second 123, also godaddy are good and generally the exhange rate (maybe not just now) is better so you get real good rates. Careful with their monthly packages though, you can shop around and get much better deals.


      • #4 are another good company to use - they sometimes have "buy one get one free" on domain names so you could buy both the and .com names for the price of one
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          I use dorset and can highly recommend it. Its about fifty five pounds for the year and has a 24 hour help desk.

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            If you just need a domain name, heartinternet do them for about £2 something for 2 years, I think. You can do domain name searches on there too, and they come up with alternative suggestions if your first choice is taken.

            Both my domain names are with them, and the hosting is with them for my new site, I'm using their web builder, but I am struggling with bits of it. I used the artists web for hosting my art website, and the set up was so easy.
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              Have you heard of

              I have my domain and shop hosted through them and I am really pleased with it all and the support is great from them too

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                I use Brilliand support, loads of extras and good price. They use 100% green energy too !!!!
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                  Craft website redirect option

                  My 2 bits worth

                  If you have an online craft shop for eg on big cartel or folksy or such but prefer to have your own domain name to advertise, you can generally do this without having your own website hosted and the accompanying costs as such.
                  I will use godaddy as an example because I use and understand them but most of the other domain name providers will do similar.

                  Step 1: Register your domain name. Note that .info or such are quite cheap. eg: folksy

                  Step 2: Do not select a hosting option but instead select domain forwarding.( Should cost nothing but the cost of your domain)

                  Step 3: In the details of the forwarding, type the full url of your sales pages on eg: folksy
                  Bingo - your done.

                  What does this do.

                  If you advertise your new domain name on your business card or market stall and somebody goes to it, the domain nameservers will go yep, website exists and when somebody types it in I will show them the pages that you entered in as a forwarding domain. ie: take them silently to your folksy or such site.

                  Why would I do this?

                  1. Advertising your own website gives you credibility and also looks a lot better on anything you print like business cards than some long drawn out url to a shop on another site. Make sure that you name your eg: folksy site is similar to your domain name so that people see some continuity.

                  2. Doing a domain redirect minimizes the costs of going online and if you have plenty of visitors, you can then host your own site, build your own shopping cart and simply remove the redirect after you find that selling crafts online is working for you. This is helpful if you only have a very limited amount of money to start your craft business.

                  Hope this option helps somewhat.
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                    Thanks for all your replies. The domain forwarding looks like the best thing to do for now just to help keep costs down and maybe I can consider hosting when I have made some sales.

                    Thanks again everyone!
                    Art for children + soft toys
                    Homewares, gifts +christmas decorations


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                      Originally posted by sparkysdad View Post
                      companies like will register and host your domain for a very low annual fee, though some other "all in" domain registration sites offer more comprehensive services if you need them.
                      I use 12. reg and i have to agree that they are very cheap and easy to use
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                        I use supanames for mine but I've built sites on 34sp before too.

                        Supanames is very cheap and I've never had an issue in the 5-6 years Ive had my website with them.

                        p.s I've just started a 'website building' business for artisans as mentioned in a previous post, so if you need any help seek me out!
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