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  • Advertising

    I am coming up to our 1st birthday!!!! woosh and the year has gone LOL

    I am looking into our ways of advertising with and with the launch of our new website I am wondering if I am hitting the right market???

    Has anyone here tried advertising in craft magazine's? It is a lot more expencive than my current method but if it works then it have to be looked into, I'd apreciate and feed back anyone may have
    Ger xx

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    Hi Ger

    I think I'm right in saying you're based in an area often visited by tourists so it's probably worth paying for a classified ad in one or two craft magazines. I find quite a lot of our customers are holidaymakers who have made a point of finding us after checking in magazines where the craft shops are in Suffolk - lets face it who hasn't done that when on holiday, I know I have! Most magazines will have the ads broken down into counties so any crafter who's off on holiday near Cullen will see your ad and make a little detour to visit you...or at least that's the idea
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      I use a combinations of all of these to promote our web:

      Appropriate magazines - difficult to put a value on the amount of business rec'd but I feel it necessary to get your name known.

      Shows - for you possibly something like Glasgow SEC, run by could be good

      SEO - search engine optimazation. This is an ongoing learning process, as it can take a long time for google to rank you web.

      And we have at times used 'Google Ads' to be on the front page.

      I really think you've got to try a bit of everything

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