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  • Help with names!!!

    Hello! I REALLY need some help choosing a name for my venture... At the moment my folksy name is Terri Woah's Handmade boutique. Which I really do not like and its not very catchy!
    I've been trying to get inspiration from Japanese translations (i love japan and also i think my 'bird' necklaces have a slightly oriental feel although others may not agree haha)

    So here are my ideas so far...

    My necklaces are bird inspired, so I was looking at maybe instead of directly having birds in the name, perhaps a breed, I thought it was sweet that a name of love bird is 'peach face' so I was thinking just calling my shop Peach Face... its cute and I like it... but then its not obviously relevant.
    So the japanese translation for peach it 'momo' and face is 'kao' so maybe Momo Kao... although Kao would be one of those words nobody knows how to say?!

    I was also maybe thinking of using my middle names somehow, they're Emelia Xenia and it would be nice to have something like that in the name but then I'm not sure...!
    at the moment I do like Peach Face!! hehe.
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    i like peachface too.

    Also emelia is a gorgeous name, as is xenia but both quite tough to spell if heard and not seen.

    Emelia Skys
    Eclectic Emelia
    Eclectic Emelias Boutique

    Hmm, I'll keep thinking.


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      Yeah the more i think about peach face the more I like it. I might call the over shop Peach Face then have 'ranges' or 'collections' within... for my bird type necklaces go with a 'grown up' name for the collection and for my cute little bows have a different section name...
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        just be aware there is already someone trading with that name, also a crafter so might be better to choose a name that isnt already in use.

        Also peachface is a type of parrot


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          ah poo! oh a parrot? I read lovebird on one site I went on.... Back to the drawing board I guess!

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            haha, i just double checked. Some sites say parrot, some say lovebirds. Still at least they are pretty birds and you didnt want to call yourself bigscarycrow or minkypigeon.


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              Visage is another word for face. Would that help.
              God helps them that help themselves.


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                I liked the sound of Momo as part of a business name - then I googled it and my Vodafone Content Control wouldn't let me go any further!! Maybe someone can tell me what was there??

                What about Peachy? Peachy something... Peachy Pretties? The Peachy Boutique? La Peche? This could take a long time..!!
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                  Hmmm Peachy Momo?! The Peachy Momo Handcrafted Pendants and Cute Bow Shop of Goodness?! Haha. Oh this is harder than I first thought. I want to sign up to Misi NOW! Names are holding me back, goodness knows what I'd be like if i had a baby or pet to name! haha.
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                    are all available if you fancy the sound of them i know how you feel as i am struggling to find a name
                    good luck



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                      We spent about 2 weeks deciding on our name. It becomes a talking point at craft fairs when people look round and find they tend to stop for a chat and look at what we are selling rather than just walk straight past. We found a website called which gives suggestions based on keywords you type in. Hope it helps you.

                      Good Luck

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                        This is completely away from your Peach theme and your Japanese theme but I thought of it the other day after posting on your other thread....

                        How about Bijou Birds?

                        I had to look up the dictionary definition of Bijoou AFTER I'd thought of the name but this is what Dictionary.Com says it means

                        1.a jewel.2.something small, delicate, and exquisitely wrought

                        How appropriate

                        Anyway, I think aliteration is always a good thing because it makes a name more memorable, it's got something of the 'now' about it (BoHo/ Bijou etc) and goes along with your birds theme....


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                          It's really weird. Some names just happen and others take weeks of agonising over.

                          What I did with my last one (which was an agonising one as there were 4 people involved in the decision) was take all the names suggested (a A4 page list) and then check out their availability as web addresses, and whether they were already in use, and that eliminated half of them, which made things a bit easier.

                          Take your time deciding as hopefully it will be with you for a long time
                          Happy choosing


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                            Originally posted by grinandcraftit View Post
                            We found a website called which gives suggestions based on keywords you type in. Hope it helps you.
                            Great website suggestion. Quite addictive also.


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                              o0o0o currently on what a great suggestion!!
                              I like the word bijou! I was trying to think of that word the other day but my mind was blank!
                              I'm thinking Momo-Bijou...?!?!
                              Momo - japanese for peach! (straining from the breed of lovebird/parrot called peach face!)
                              Bijou - a jewel, something delicate and exquisitely wrought

                              What do you think?!
                              I'm excited to set up my little shops and things properly now!
                              Thank you for all the great suggestions!!
                              email: [email protected]