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  • Warning ~ Sale or return!!

    When selling on the sale or return basis you should always have a contract with the thop your goods are in stating who the goods belong to and the fact that they are not part of the shops inventory.

    A friend of min has just come unstuck because the shop she was displaying in has just gone under and there is nothing at all to say she owns the goods on display there.

    Here is some useful information about selling on sale or return basis.

    Please protect yourselves
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    Thanks for the information, I hope it will help many of us making mistakes which are costly - been there, done that!!!!!!!!!
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      Thanks for that, really useful info and worth knowing
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        Thank you from me too!
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          Thanks for that.

          I've read before that you should have things written in black and white, and not just a verbal agreement. When something like this happens, it makes sense!
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            Thanks for that info BBD - I have my jewellery in 2 shops at the moment, 1 I have written information with, the other is done on a more casual basis but I think I will ask her to sign something, just in case.

            As we've got a good relationship now and I do trust her, I'll approach it as 'I'm getting a bit disorganised as to which shop my stock is in, could you sign this to help me get myself organised' rather than 'can you sign this in case you go bust!!'

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              Very good advice.

              Several years ago I had many of my items in a local shop. Got a good flow of sales there, until I popped in one day to find the shop closed down and cleared out - along with about £300 worth of my goods.

              Further investigation found the shop owner had also not paid the rent for 2 months and taken other peoples goods. Never did track them down

              Still, like any bad experience, if you learn from it - don't make the same mistake again and help others to avoid making the same mistake then it can't all be bad.
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                If there is anyone in Cornwall who is thinking along these lines maybe it is something that could be done. There are always empty stalls in the pannier market for example.

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                  If there are always empty stalls then maybe the market isn't a good one.

                  Think about it!!!

                  Not that this has much relevance to suppying sale or return to shops!

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                    Thanks for the reality check BBD.

                    I've only done this on a verbal agreement, with one retailer, in the past. I was lucky that the retailer remained solvent and honest!

                    Considering the economic climate, it's not a risk I would take again with any retailer.


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                      Maybe this post should be a sticky in the jewellery sub forum?
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                        Originally posted by Bea View Post
                        Maybe this post should be a sticky in the jewellery sub forum?
                        Why jewellery sub forum - surely the same applies to all crafts?

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                          really good advice!
                          Is it common practice to have a commission scheme with a shop too?
                          I don't think my profit margins would benefit !

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