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    I'm looking at a website, well I have been for some time I bought a Mr Site but i don't have to time to faf about so I've given up after 6 months of having it... the point has anyone used the above??? I need something cheap to start with but more importently easy to used set up wise

    Any help would be much apriciated
    Ger xx

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    Never heard of them and I know quite a few! They're based in the US I would go for UK based company as you're likely to have to call them. I can't see they offer a webshop as such though. Also a US based company may not be set up to help you on the UK search engine, etc.
    Some of the UK companies have very good telephone support.
    Just my opinion.
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      Hi i use WEB PLUS, and have found that to be relatively easy to use and set up for my web site.



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        There is a free 30 day trial on doyourownsite, i am just trying to get my website set up and am finding this easy to use.
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          DIYeStores is a good one(WAHMShoppes also uses the same cart), and alot of UK-ers use their carts. Unlimited categories and products to name a few features. If you are happy with using Nochex or Paypal for credit card payments, the are already integrated with those. There is a way to capture card info to process later if you decided you wanted to use something like Paypal Website Payments Pro, or another merchant account that has a virtual terminal.

          I used DIYeStores when I first started my fabric site. Doesn't matter where they are based when it comes to SEO - the same principles apply anywhere. They have a forum, helpdesk, and step by step documentation. If you follow each step, it should be easy setting up the store. No phone support, so I suppose that will come down to your own abilities and needs when it comes to this sort of thing. But like I said, the docs make it simple. They do have a 30 day money back guarantee too.

          Main thing I didn't like about the others like Pappashop, Merchant Moms, Designer218, etc(they all use the same cart, different one to DIYestores), is that you have to sign up for the Mals account. The cart sits in an inline frame in your store - bleh! DIYeStores doesn't do that.... it is a complete cart, so you don't need to sign up for some third party to handle the ordering.

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            I have a freewebs site but I don't sell anything from it. If you want to sell I'd try doyourownsite's 30 day trial, which BTW, can be extended!

            Gail ps...big hugs for Teal'c
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