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Arrrgh Mr Site Website help, PLEASE

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  • Arrrgh Mr Site Website help, PLEASE

    Arrrrgh, I have spent since New Years day revamping the flamin website, and now my laptop is getting ever closer to being hurled out of the window, which is not fair as it's not lappy's fault.

    So I spend 4 days on it (and I mean 4 days) beavering away in Firefox, hit publish and then start to check on it, clickable buttons take me where I want to go, but oooh noo, flamin Paypal decides to foul up on me, taking me to the login page and giving rude messages about contacting the website owner when you try to click on view basket.

    Then we also noticed that in Chrome and Firefox, the clicky buttons work all fine and dandy, but in IE (7 that is) you get absolutly naff all, even the url doesn't come up at the bottom when the mouse hovers over the button.

    So going through Mr Site's help pages today, I have finally sorted the Paypal problem out (for anyone else that ever has this happen, just got to add/edit shop, add 0 items to each shop page, save and then republish)

    But I am still having the same trouble with IE not showing links, I have f5 it, I have closed the browser and reopened, and I have even published through IE (naffed up my formatting mind you), have looked at the HTML in the editor, and the links are there, they just won't link.

    Anyone got any ideas before I really turn the air blue, as this is really starting to 'upset' me a little.

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    I have IE 8 and the links in your left hand menu work fine, but nothing happens when i click on the ones on the home page, which would take me to your shop etc.. sorry I can't provide an answer though, especially if they work in other browsers - very confusing!!

    I've not used page links yet on my site, so will watch out for this when time comes.

    Good luck sorting this out!


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      Jo, I know you probably don't want to hear this, but I'm not sure you should have got rid of the menu options as an alternative to the new buttons - once you've clicked on a category, you now have to go back to the home page to be able to go to another one, rather than just picking it direct from the menu - as a minimum clicks kind of person, this is a bit offputting for me.

      I know it's not much help, but my home page direct links don't always work in IE either.

      Sorry not to be able to offer any constructive advice.


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        George, I am happy to take advice from anywhere, I made the pages hidden so that they didn't fill the menu up, but I think I am going to make them a sub menu so they are still there on the side. As Stacey says, the main menu bars work.

        I just can't understand why they work ok in Chrome and FF, but not IE. I have emailed Mr Site and am waiting to hear from there, and I have also asked on the Mr Site user forum.

        It's so damn annoying, I guess all I can do is un hide the pages and sub menu them, and also put a thing on the front page telling IE users to use the menus on side. (I really can't face doing it all again in IE and seeing if that fixes it)


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          I think its some sort of lovely "layering" issue - e.g. in IE7 the input tag (button) is on top of the hyperlink (a), thus preventing it from firing properly. Just a guess, as it's very odd.

          On the other hand, putting input tags inside a tags is a bit crazy, and it's not good that MrSite does it at all - it should use different elements (and styling) to achieve the same effect!

          Probably best to revert until you get a sensible answer from them, or see if you can use something different in the links (e.g. just a bit of styled text).

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            Hmm, Matt, is there any chance that you could put all that in plain English for me please, as it all went over my head at a rate of knots. I am a total computer numpty, and I just followed the instructions on how to make the buttons have a link in them, I don't know the first thing about layers (except I have a lot on cos its so damn cold )

            I'm going to sit and work at it all again this evening, I think I might try removing the links and then re-doing them with the Mr Site editor open in IE and see if that works, failing that it's back to the menu only I guess.

            Food first me thinks


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              Sorry, have been building HTML pages all afternoon, and sometimes fail to tune language appropriately

              Basically it seems that MrSite has created your buttons by putting an input (html button) tag inside an a (hyperlink) tag - if you view source on the page, you'll see something like: <a><input.. (with some other stuff in the way).

              This is a bit dodgy, put mildly! I'd normally expect to see this done with <a>some text</a> - and then styling used to make the link look like a button.

              In terms of layering - an inaccurate - but hopefully helpful description - is to say that web pages these days are built out of layers of things, which can sit atop each other and it looks as if the button is covering the link - meaning that when the user clicks, the button goes - but the button on its own has little to do with the navigation for the user - the link, which is covered and hence not being clicked - is responsible for that!

              Slightly confusing explanation still, I fear - and at best a guess - it's very odd

              I'd go for trying to recreate them, ideally a different way - not sure what options MrSite will give you - and also giving the support team a swift poke with a sharp stick!!

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                I had very similar problems on mr site before Christmas.I was revamping the site using internet explorer and everytime I tried to save it ,it was having none of it.Six hours I worked on it lovely pics ,great descriptions so you can imagine I was not a happy bunny.Contacted mr site and they where no use and took them 5 days to get back to me and they never answered what I was asking AGGGGGH.

                I ended up working it out myself and tried different browsers, such as firefox and flock and everything was fine ,saved everything with no problem.Tried IE the other day and had the same problem.Maybe you will have better luck than me when they answer you as I have major difficulties revamping the website when using IE.
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                  Well I haven't heard anything back from them, so have set about trying to sort it myself, I am using IE to login to the MrSite editor and have redone the front page so that the links have gone, just pretty pictures now and a line saying to pick the online shop option in the menu (which is now back on the left hand side).

                  I have unhidden the shop pages, so when you click on the online shop, you now get the submenu. So far it seems to be ok, but am still running it under construction.

                  Anyway, had better get back to it!