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Anyone used 'PayOffline' payment system?

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  • Anyone used 'PayOffline' payment system?

    I have just set up a new payment system on my website 'PayOffline'. It's a new service whereby the customer prints off a bar code at checkout on a website & takes it to the Post Office to pay. The commission is around 3%. You set up a merchant account with them & they notify you when the customer has paid. Has anyone else used it yet?

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    Never even heard of it, may be worth a look. Any other hidden charges?


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      Am looking at it with my customer hat on and I don't think I'd use it. If I'm shopping online I don't want to then have to go out to pay. I might as well just go to a shop. I know some people don't like putting their card details in though, so I guess they might like it. Does the customer get a reference number, or do they literally have to use a home printer to print the barcode off? Not everyone has a printer, even if they use the internet. Are you using it alongside another payment method? Never hurts to have additional options. Let us know how you get on with it!
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        This has been discussed on another forum I use and on there it has been added to some quite successful sites as another payment option. Not many sites have had customers use it and one site reported only having one customer use this in 10 months. They questioned why a customer would ever use this rather than sending a cheque which is a lot less hassle. Another consideration is that many people buy online cos they work 9-5 so when would they get the chance to go to the Post Office to pay? I think the general feeling was you might get the orders but the person may not bother/have time/forget to make the payment.

        Sorry if that all sounds negative, just passing on what orthers have said, IMHO if it's easy to set up with no set up fees then it's worth adding as another payment option for the customers but make sure you have Paypal and cheque too as an option at the very least.
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          I already use Google checkout & its just another option for customers. I know my Mum & MIL & possibly others of that generation have computers & use the internet but wont put CC details over the internet & being retired have no problem visiting Post Offices. I think it is 3% plus a few pence or something like that.