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Photographing earrings

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  • Photographing earrings

    I am having a nightmare photographing clear crystal earrings. Every colour background doesn't seem right. Every thing else i am pleased with it's just the earrings.

    Is there any one out there who can explain in words for a 2 year old which way works best for them.

    Many thanks for any help.


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    I too had the same problem , but found that I used an organza white material base on a chair that was directly in the natural light.In my case I opened the patio doors and let in as much light as possible and took the photos and this worked for me.I only did this after paying a fortune for small photography booths fancy lights etc, but they do say often the simplest things work the best.Have a mess around with the light and your back ground and try leaving your flash off and using the macro facility if yiou have one on your camera.
    Hope this helps
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      Hi. I have found that the best way is to use good natural light, but not in sunshine,as you get too many shadows.

      I have tried all sorts of photography inside, but always end up with a different shade to the real thing, which also happens in bright sunshine.

      For me, good natural light, and a backing cloth which contrasts with the main colour of the item is the ideal.

      Just try different places and lighting until you find the best spot for your photos.



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        Thanks very much for the advice, i will have a go the weekend.


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          Couple of things I do whenever I am doing close up (macro) photography.

          1. Use natural light as much as possible

          2. Get baco foil and wrap around a tray and place opposite side to where light is coming in. This will act as a reflector and bounce natural light back onto your subject.

          3. Turn camera to macro setting, usually shown as a tulip on camera

          4. Use a tripod if possible

          5. Use ISO setting of around 100 to avoid "noise" or grainy effect

          6. For a backdrop, I usually use black or white but black does show up the specs when using macro

          Hope this may help a bit


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            Here are the methods I use ...

            i) Use natural light ... make sure there are no shadows ...

            ii) Use a tripod and set the timer (both of these steps will help to prevent camera shake)

            iii) Put your earrings on a black cloth ...

            iv) Use the smallest ISO number ...

            v) Turn off the flashlight ... never use the flashlight for macro photography ...