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A few start-up Q's :-)

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  • A few start-up Q's :-)

    I read this over on Etsy:
    The legal part: Creating the company, getting the business license and sales certificate, brand registration.

    And I was just wondering, after egistering my business, do I need a business license? What is it for and how much is it?
    Also, what is a sales certificate and brand registration?!

    Would I need a logo for a business too, or is that optional?

    I also still don't understand about what I need to trademark, how my business name stays solely mine, and what I need to copyright!

    (My plan is an Etsy business)

    Thanks in advance

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    "The legal part: Creating the company, getting the business license and sales certificate, brand registration."

    Some of this stuff might relate to American traders...I'm really not sure.

    With regard to Trademarks and "Brand Registration" (which I suspect is an American term) - providing you aren't using a name which is related to or recognised as being another company, you are fine. For instance, if you had a bath and bodycare business and called it LUSH - you'd be in trouble. Using this kind of marketing technique is called 'Passng Off' and is seen as an attempt to deliberatly trade on someone else's hard earned brand.

    If you called yourself 'Bobbie's Bath & Body' and 3 years down the line someone tries to sue you because they've been called 'Bobbie's Bath and Body' for 4 years - I don't think there's much they can do - depending on the size of their business. You'd probably just agree to change one of your names slightly to avoid confusion.

    If you discovered a brilliant name for your products that no one else has thought of you can Trademark it so that no one else can use it.

    You really don't need to copyright anything - there's a common sense about these laws and if you have proof that you've been using the name/logo or anything else for a certain time it would be really hard for anyone to steal it.

    Having a logo is personal choice but it's a good thing to have in my view - it gives your business a bit of an identity - pictures are slightly more recognisable than nams or words. Large companies spend a fortune on 'branding' so it's worth thinking about colours, design and logo's for your business and putting it on boxes, letterheads, website etc.

    HTH and Good Luck

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