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Buidling craft websites-a buisness idea

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  • Buidling craft websites-a buisness idea

    I have been thinking this idea through for quite sometime its probably time to start 'testing the water' ...alongside my own crafting I really want to be able to stay at home... and I am thinking about going into web building... I have not got any all singing all dancing web skills but I can do the basics and a bit more...I was thinking there are probably many people who would be happy with what I could do for them and I would charge a much lesser rate than the big web buidling companies so more people could realise there dream for a website of there own, even if its a gallery to showcase there work or whatever people want. I built my own website and have gone on to help others. I really want to ask you guys and gals here if you think it could/would work? What you think to the idea...all your feedback is appreciated. thankyou
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    It's really difficult to second guess what will work - when I wanted a cheap website I just bought a cheap off the shelf package, so you might find demand is limited. If you have real technophobes though they may be interested, but I would make my terms and conditions very clear with regard to how much support you are prepared to give them, or it could work out very time consuming! Do some research and find out what your potential competitors are doing and what they're charging to see if you can compete.

    I hope you don't think I'm being negative - there's nothing to stop you working out your prices etc and giving it a go is there? Best of luck with whatever you do! Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewellery Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads
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      Speaking as a total technophobe I'd be intersted!! I think you may well get a lot of business via forums like this - people who are setting up small businesses who don't have lots of money but could use some help.

      My sis looked into doing the same thing in America - she built a website to show off her talents so that might be something you could look into.

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        With my other hat on I have a web design business.

        If you have the necessary skills, and I would say, as a minimum, a sound knowledge of HTML, CSS and a server side programming language such as PHP in addition to basic design skills, then go for it.

        I enjoy creating websites for artists etc. It makes a nice change from my usual industrial and commercial clients but you have to realise that by and large they will not pay anything like the amount I normally charge to industry and commerce. On the other hand, because artists etc tend to belong to the same clubs and forums, useful word of mouth contacts soon build up.

        If you are interested you can see a couple of recent sites I have created for artist clients at.
        If you send me a PM I'll let you know how much they paid for them

        And of course I designed my own website. (Address in signature)

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          I think that if you are willing to put the time and effort into learning then go for it. My husband is a silversmith and needed another job to help pay the bills so he taught himself web design. He did it all with books and online support, it really is possible. It took some time but now he does various websites for different designers.
          I would agree that a lot of crafters tend to go for cheap purpose built packages but this can change. Some of my friends who have gone for these packages have gone on to ask my husband to build their sites later.
          He started mainly with word of mouth, with other designers and artists he knew and the word spread from there.
          He started with absolutely no knowledge of web, in fact I knew more than he did, and now he's great at it!
          He charges reasonable rates to those who can't afford it, ie. are setting up their businesses and more to those who can so he can still offer a range of products.
          Go for it but be aware there is a lot of hard work involved. Good luck!

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            My brother's made a whole business out of it! ( Though he deals mainly with corporate customers, he supports a number of small businesses too.

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              I think that there is an awful lot more to building a website than making it look attractive and so many businesses fail because their website lets them down.

              You can buy a build your own website for under £20 now and with a bit of knowledge you can get that site to page 1 on google and with page rank quite quickly - that price includes hosting for a year too and all you need is a domain name - you can buy a web store for £60 and whilst not ideal, can be built by the least techy person - with a bit of techy knowledge you can use ftp files to build a fantastic looking site - still the eccomerce side isn't fantastic but ok fro a starter business.

              There are hundreds of web people selling cheap sites but you het what you pay for and the success of a business does rely on the website - admin has to be workable and the webmaster has to be able to deal with issues.

              EG, my ISP appears to have a certain server white listed so i am unable to access some websites that i need to be able to access - are you capable of dealing with such issues? I have dns flushed and checked as much as I am capable of checking - the first person i went to was my web man - thankfully he has the knowlege on how to check all the things that may have htrown up the issue and it is then thrown to the ISP but there have been several things that have cropped up since i had my first website built - one was a rbt txt issue - the other a google issue BUT my webman had to know how to solve the issues because whilst he built my site, like any other product i buy, it has a guarantee to work and i am offered a fantastic service - some of which i pay for and some i don't - if he didn't know his stuff my business would have failed several times and if you are going to charge for a site then it has to work and be suitable for the purpose that it is intended for. I accept that you get what you pay for and then again, you can pay a lot for a poor website.

              What are you like at graphics - have you any headers or banners available in a portfolio for me to look at - I am in need of a grahics person with reasonable rates.

              Good luck if you do decide to do some sites!!!!