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Cake decorating - please help!

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  • Cake decorating - please help!

    Does anyone know, do you have to have your kitchen checked out for H&S, hygeine etc if you are selling the odd cake to colleagues / friends etc?
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    I think it depends how official you want to be. I know someone at work who sells the odd cake to colleagues for Christmas and birthdays (about 3 or 4 a year) but probably hasn't had their kitchen inspected. She also brings a lot of muffins in to sell for charity like Children in Need etc...
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      Hi there... Feb this year my partner came across a website... A middle aged lady owned it and ran her business from staffordshire... She sold over 1000 cake designs from her own kitchen in stafford...

      Me and my partner asked as we wanted a wedding cake if she had to had certificates to cook in her kitchen..

      She stated as it was a hobby not a full blown business that she didn't need to have checks done..

      If i was you i would look into it but i can't see there been a problem.. If you class your self as a full blown business im sure you would prob need to.

      We bought a cake from her and it was amazing..

      I don't know if she started a fully blown business but i travel past her flat each day..

      Alls i can say is good luck and there is lots of money to be made in that craft.

      Good luck


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        I have a friend who makes/sells cakes basically through word of mouth. She was approached to start supplying a local farm shop on a regular basis but turned that down because she would have to be inspected and follow strict health and safety regs. At the very least I think you should look into insurance.


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          I agree if you run it as an official business then I think you do need the hygiene certs etc but as a hobby I would have thought no. I have made cakes for friends before and they have paid me but only to cover the ingredients and electric.


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            An aunty of mine makes cakes as a hobby for friends and family, I know that she was thinking about setting up a proper business doing it and when she looked into it she did need to have health and Safety certs and insurance,once you have these in place you can start making money!
            I hope this helps
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              That's a tricky one...what would happen if, god forbid, you happened to make something and somebody got food poisoning...what about a wedding cake which could potentially affect 10s if not 100s of people? We went on a course for 'how to set up a small business' and there were a couple of biccie/confectioners/cake makers and each had had inspections done already...for them it seemed to be pretty much a 'yes, of course we have'. I couldn't tell whether they HAD to, they didn't go into detail and I don't know for sure as we're thinking of setting up a classic car hire business, so completely not our area!!! Would a call to Trading Standards be worth it? Do you have a Business Link, that's who we did the 3 days with, they were really helpful with rules and regs, insurances, tax stuff etc...
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