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Banging my head against a brick wall!

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  • Banging my head against a brick wall!

    Am I the only one who feels like they are wasting their time?

    I have such ambition and drive and I keep getting a lot of requests from friends for jewellery to be made for them and everyone loves my stuff but im really struggling to come up with a concept of how to go about selling my stuff...

    I know I need to advertise my stuff but im not sure the name I have come up with is ideal...

    I originally had the brand name of and a simple web site set up through mr site but it has not come off very well..

    what does the following name sound like?

    I am currently waiting on a logo designer to come up with a logo for the name of denamadeit as I thought this would be a starting point. They are doing a draft and then I will have two more attempts to get it right...

    ive searched dena made it on the internet and nothing is coming up so that is at least some news, the other names I had come up were causing a lot of confusion when people were searching for it.

    I am hoping that this will start taking off, even if it is an odd order here because I have turned my tiny flat into a working studio and having to look at my array of beads and materials is driving me to despair so I need to start shifting some stock!

    I am starting to sound like a right moaner now so I'm going to stop but hopefully I will have 'made it' and will be able to at least showcase some of my designs!

    Dena xxx

    I'm burning the midnight oil again which isnt good!

    Any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated!

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    I think whatever name you decide on, if it's original on google you're half way there. I tell people to google me...................I've got the first 6 pages! I have found it's helped to always use my trade name and my real name together, it seems to cross reference on search engines, I get asked how much I paid to get noticed on google and I didn't - I just got an original name! Having said that.................denasdesigns looks good.


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      I think I prefer the name denadesigns the other name is ok as well but when I first read it I wondered what dena-ma-deit meant .. Doh...
      Your Mr site needs a little bit of tweaking, on the first index page the advert for jobs is a bit out of place and it is not easy to see the links to the other pages.
      The shop page is good, and also the bracelets page is fine.



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        brick wall

        I'm not into jewellery but I think denadesigns is a far better name than denamadeit - it sounds more professional & would encourage me to look at the site to see what you're selling.

        Good luck



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          My webmaster advised me to use the word jewellery in my domain name to help with search engine ranking. I am a new site so I don't have any ranking as yet but hopefully it will help. I like denadesigns best, it sounds more professional. I believe that google likes content best so writing clear descriptions of your pieces is useful.
          Chris W.
          Gemstone Jewellery and Gifts


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            I agree with denadesigns being the best choice - sounds more professional. Denamadeit came across to me as den i made in - then i made it - is that just me?? Been sat on computer too long and succumbed to seeing what's going on on the forum!

            hey ho...back to it i suppose