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Setting up a PayPal account

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  • Setting up a PayPal account

    Which credit cards can be used to set up a paypal account, and also do you need the 'premium' (I think thats what its called) account to sell things? Also how do you get the money out of your account when you have made a sale?

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    If theres such a thing as merchant paypal account then I believe thats the one I chose.
    You can add the card details of the business bank account you have set up, then once you have money in your paypal account you can transfer it to your real bank account and withdraw the money from an ATM.

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      If its for a business, I'd choose the most approprate one - I agree with Seahorse, it could be called Merchant.

      To withdraw money its really easy - you need to nominate a bank account put all the details in and then you just transfer the money across. I think there is a minimum amount you can move and I think there is a 50p charge per transaction if it is below £50. And it usually takes around 5 days for the money to appear in your own bank account.

      Hope this helps!


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        I'm sure I've got a merchant account, I think you have to pay for the premium account.

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          Can you have the 'merchant' (or whatever its called) account if you don't have a business bank account? Also which credit cards do they accept? Like could you have a paypal account with say, a solo card or is it just the main ones like visa and master card?


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            You can have a merchant account without a business bank account (I have one) Im 99% sure they take a solo card.

            Have a good read through the help pages as you may not be able to open a business account until you have been with them a certain length of time. Paypal are a nightmare to work out.
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