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Can I claim any money for a workshop?

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  • Can I claim any money for a workshop?

    I plan to ask at my local business link about this, but I thought I would post on here too as I know there are lots of expertise on the forum!

    We are currently selling our house, with one of the main reasons for the move being that I need a workshop, as the table in the conservatory just isn't working for me any more! The house we have seen and want to buy has a double detatched garage at the bottom of the garden, which would be perfect.

    My question is, can I claim anything towards the cost, seeing as the main reason for the move is to get the workshop space? Or if not, can I claim for things such as power, heating (not sure if it already has it, so if not how about the costs of getting it installed?)

    I've also read somewhere that if you use a designated space for crafts/business you have to declare this or something? Do you have to pay anything?

    So, overall, can I claim anything / would I have to pay out anything?

    Sorry lots of questions!!! Any advice much appreciated.
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    The advice my accountant gave me was not to claim in your tax return for use of the house. His reason being that if for example you claim to use one third of the house, if you sell at a later date the Inland Revenue can claim the same amounts from any profit in selling.

    Hope this helps


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      Hi, I used to work from home in a previous life and was told that I could claim for using space at home but to make sure that I declared it as non-exclusive working space. This was to avoid paying CGT if I sold (see reply above).


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        Check with business link

        there is a calculation depending on the size of your house as to how much you can claim against your tax bill. as long as the space you use is also used as a family space you do not need to pay business rates. If you have a space purely for business purposes you might have to pay business rates to your council. You also need to check your stock and equipment is covered on your house insurance as most house insurance policies will not cover business use. I have just insured with AXA which offers business insurance inc public liability, employee liability, stock, equipment, loss of sales, loss of data and the normal buildings and contents for the same price as most buildings and contents quotes.

        When I set up the inland revenue sent out an advisor who told me what I could claim for and how to keep records correctly. You can claim depreciation on any furniture you already own and then use for business purposes.

        Hope this helps


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          This can very complecated, there is a standard amount that the IRS will allow for use of a room as an office. this doesnt usually affect insurance rates ect. when it comes to workshops this is different, usually your house deeds will state that the house is not for bussiness use, and this can cause problems with insurance, rates and them what live nextdoor. The whole thing can be a nightmare if you get robbed or have a fire "god forbid"
          There is a big differance between useing a room or garage for a hobby and as a business.
          My advice is to way all the pros and cons before making a final choice.
          The local tax office can be very helpfull these days. not like they used to be