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  • selling through the workplace

    Just wondering whether anyone has tried selling through workplaces other than their own. A friend of mine has a business where she sells books this way, calling on offices etc within a certain area and makes a good living. Do you think this could work?

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    I guess it will depend a lot on what you are selling... I can see that office staff might want a book to read at their breaks so it is convenient... but some other items would be better sold less frequently to people as you could not have a large enough selection of clients....?
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      I do this from time to time.
      I ask friends if they'd be prepared to take in a display board to their work place. On the board I place a veriety of easy to reproduce jewellery. I also include some alternative colour samples, an easy to use order form and the friend gets a hostess gift.
      I've had quite a few orders through this sort of thing. I normally do an office/ workplace no more than three times a year.
      i'm not sure I'd feel comfortable leaving my jewellery in any place with out an appointed guardian though.
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        I have never done this, but a friend of mine used to have a stall every so often at one of the offices of North West Water (or whatever it's called). She sold a variety of crafts (glass painting, cards, decoupage), and it was particularly successful in the run up to Christmas.

        To make it work, you'd need a large workplace, and space to show off your goods. I wouldn't be happy about leaving stuff, but if it was done as a stall near the canteen or in the entrance hall, it could be good.

        Another way could be to appoint a rep if you have a friend who works in a big place. He/she could earn commission on selling your goods, and they could have samples to take orders from. My sister sold a lot of Christmas ccards for me this way (she works in a college).
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          Thank you, your comments are really helpful. I am thinking of selling jewellery this way and I agree that I wouldn't be happy to leave it without appointing someone I trusted to oversee sales. Only other way I could see myself doing it would be to go in at lunchbreak and sell then and there what I have and take orders (if I'm lucky!) to produce and return with.


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            My sister in law takes my handmade cards into her work sometimes and she has sold about 60 so far this year...she is better at getting them sold than I am!!! I think workplace selling can work well...captive audience
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              Do you mean like a stall in the lobby of a work place or taking stuff in with you to sell to your work colleagues or giving your work to other people to take in?

              I sell a lot of my jewellery and other bits to people at work and they are very good at passing on the word. Unless I really trusted someone I would be reluctant to let someone take a load of my stuff.

              I would like to try the stall thing but I understand that it can be quite difficult depending on the company. I called one big call centre in Leeds and they were booked up for months and they also charged a fee then took 15% of the final takings. Apparently, many big places have bookings for Christmas nearly a year in advance!

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                Hi Yvonne. I was thinking more along the lines of taking a bunch of stuff in at say lunchtime and letting folks take a look. I wouldn't want to leave stuff in case it got damaged or worse. When I used to work in an office we had a couple of girls who used to call in fairly regularly to sell tops and shorts and stuff at reasonable prices (no overheads). Its just one of the many thoughts swimming around my head about how I could generate some sales.


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                  I sell at my workplace all the time! Most of the women here have at least one piece of my jewellery. They also sell it to their relatives for me.

                  I am having a bit of a break at the moment though and have no stock ready and made up, so I reckon that by the time I get my bum into gear and make some more stuff up, the ladies at work will be ready for some more jewellery!


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                    Every 5/6 weeks before Christmas I take a selection of my items to work and set them up on the empty table behind my desk. I then post details on the various notice boards around the building so people can come and find me.

                    I tend to spe******e in making Christmas decorations at that time of year rather than my usual crafts and every time I have sold heaps. People keep coming back especially as I tend to try and vary my decs from year to year.

                    I haven't tried selling during other seasons however.

                    Providing your manager has no objections then give it a go - good luck!