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Your tips to organise a craft party / ladies evening

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  • Your tips to organise a craft party / ladies evening

    I have been thinking about this for a while. Can anyone give me any tips re: how to go about this? Do I do it at home, hire a venue (e.g. school hall, social club???). Is it best to have a range of crafts, in which case, if I hire a hall, would people be prepared to pay for a table? Do I need to arrange insurance?

    I think for starters one at home would be nice, but I don't know a huge amount of people to invite, and those I do have already seen my mosaics?

    Sure I'll think of more questions later, but think that will do for now!!!
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    Nice stall yesterday! Did come along, but you were in the middle of rescuing from the wind so didnt want to disturb you. Some lovely stuff though- I love your clocks! I like your friends jewellery too, stunning.

    Anyway back to topic- I have a name of a site run by a forum friend about craft parties, does a bit of advertising for a friend I think, but may be worth a look. PM me and I will send it to you, I cant post it as Im a newbie!
    hope that helps
    Love Em x
    With love
    xx pixiedoodles


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      Thanks for the compliments!!! Yes, I was rescuing mirrors and jewellery quite a lot yesterday but would have been happy to chat whilst doing so - never mind though, may be see you another time .

      I will PM you for details of the website - thanks!!!
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        If you hold it at home be prepared for people not turning up. This seems to be a problem several of my friends have encountered and their advice would be to invite as many as possible. Timing can be very important, people spend more at the end of the month when they have been paid.
        Chris W.
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          Maybe you could combine crafts with pampering. Out toddler group ran a very successful indulgence evening last year, with a few beauty/massage type people offering very cheap (and in some cases free!) treatments. Well attended. Might bring more people in. We used a local hall. The jewellery seller did really well.

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            Try attending a few house parties selling anything from make-up to clothes. Watch how the organiser works it. Put together samples, have order forms ready, promote the business and future parties as well as sales on the night. Have a bit of something to talk about or demonstrate. Consider your display carefully, and remember you are short of space in many living rooms. Hand things round for people to have a close look at. Consider whether you'll sell on the night or take orders (you'll sell more taking orders, but the hostess will have to chase the money; don't pay any commission until all orders are paid for).

            For your first few, try to get friends to have a party - preferably friends with a wide social circle. If this isn't working, promote your parties at craft fairs or on your website.

            You can have a party in someone's house, or for a playgroup or school on their premises. Playgroup and school events tend to be well-attended and you may sell very well there.

            You have to give some incentive: for a house party, it could be a free gift or goods to the value of a percentage of the sales. Make the free gifts relative to the amount spent (ie, if a lot is spent, they get a better free gift). For a playgroup or school, give commission in cash, but make it a lower commission (eg 10% in cash as opposed to 20% in goods). Don't give cash for house sales, only for charities or organisations.

            The great thing about selling this way is that you can eventually recruit other people to sell for you in different areas, but you'll have to pay them. As the expected is about 20% in commission only (correct me if I'm wrong, someone, this is what it used to be) you can work your pricing out easily.

            You should make sure you have public liability insurance and that your stock is insured, too. There are further rules with most councils if you organise an event with a number of sellers (eg craft fair).

            Hope that helps! Good luck!
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