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  • Please help advertising!!!


    i had created a web system, which selling anklet, earring, bracelet, necklace and some hand made items that make from beads. I would like to advertise my website to some europe country , USA and etc. Previously i'd sumbit my web to some search engine. Due to less budget, please advice what the best way to advertising which is cheap and effective?


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    You need to start hitting the adverts with google adwords and get listed with the likes of kelkoo.

    You could even push towards SEO and get linked up with them, some of them would get you on the right side of google for a percentage of you profit. Its a win win situation
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      But if you don't have much money - free stuff you can do is ...
      make friends with people and ask if they'll link to your website (and you link to theirs,
      search out nice, kind sites that let you adverise for fee,
      and be very patient. It can take 6 months for your site to appear on the first pages of the seach thingies.
      You can attach your website address to your signature, but if you chat a lot I'm not sure that doesn't get annoying



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        SEO is the way to go and you can do it yourself for free! SEO basically mean search engine optimisation and is all about how you get your website included higher in the search engines.

        You don't need to pay someone to do it - there's loads of books / websites and things all about it so try searching SEO.

        I've got the dummies guide to SEO which is pretty good, or you can get a simpler book called how to get more visitors to your website. Check out your local library!!

        Having your web address in your signature is fine and works very well. As long as it's done in a good way it won't annoy people and it having your web address in more places on the net helps increase your SEO too!
        Why do tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow!!


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          hey if you want help increasing your seo Checkout:


          Both of these help you increase your optimisation of your onsite Content for better search engine results.

          Hope these help


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            web advertising

            Thanks Seeker, very interesting web sites. I have just been on a marketing course funded to the tune of £500 by business link, and very interesting it was. These websites back up what we were told.


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              Personally I wouldn't do google adwords until you are a bit more established and know which key words people are looking for you under.
              I spent silly ammounts of of money before Christmas on key words, but the point is anyone can click on you ad and cost you money even if they are not really that interested in your product, the bounce rate I had, where people cliced throught to my home page then clicked straight out again was sooooo high! and each of those clicks I had to pay for.
              Since I stopped adwords and by just doing my own SEO and link building etc. My bounce rate is very low now and it is all free.