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  • eCrater - completely free online marketplace

    Hi everyone

    Just wondering if anyone has heard of this place -

    It is, as the title might suggest, a completely free online marketplace. I've only just discovered it a while ago but it looks to me a lot like eBay. From what I can gather they pretty much sell everything but I'm guessing it doesn't have as much exposure as eBay.

    It's an american site so prices are in $.

    Let me know what you think. I have opened an account but not yet listed anything so not had any experience of had good/bad that is but will keep you posted.

    Hope this helps. And let us know if you have anything to say about it, would be good to know!


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    Looks interesting, thanks for sharing.
    Sarah x

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      Saved it for a look later.Looks good so far.Thanks
      Shabby Neesey


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        don't have any ebay/etsy or even website or blog, but who knows what the future holds, so started having a look around. Looks interesting, and its free.
        Certainly an awful lot of ex-ebayers on there who have deserted due to increased ebay costs, and many are reporting , that they are getting lots of hits on their stuff soon after joining.

        The only possible down side I can see so far is that one of the conditions is that items must be available for posting to anywhere in the US.
        Can't really see there's anythingo lose by trying it out!


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          I have an account with ecrater and did list some items but the shipping table drove me potty as its geared at US sellers (you'll find out lol) Its a cool site though and there are some interesting items for sale.

          One thing I would say is its not free completely. If you use Google Checkout and Adwords then its free. If you dont then there is a very modest fvf.

          Also be prepared to put more work into promotion than you would say on ebay or etsy as its like having your own mini website.

          Good luck to anyone that tries selling there
          Im down with Fraggle Rock

          Fraggies Fripperies