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  • Selling on Etsy

    I've just signed up for an account on Etsy, and its now asking for my card details.

    Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.

    I have a HSBC Switch Debit Card, and have no chance of getting a credit card as i dont earn enough money, and receive benefits.

    Are my days of Etsy over before they begin?

    Please Help!
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    Sorry for double post, no idea why that happend
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      I'll delete the first post for you! As to the question I honestly have no idea I'm afraid. I know that in the US you can pay your fees through paypal on Etsy but there is no way for that to happen yet outside the US. The only piece of advice I can offer is to ask on the Etsy forums - someone on there should be able to help you even if they say that you would have to contact Etsy yourself.
      Sorry for not being much help!!
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        Thanks Swirly, i'll check the Esty forums and see if i can find anything.

        It's a damned nuscence!

        I have been reading the Etsy forums and found that you can use PayPal credit cards, as it is a Matercard!

        I have just signed up for one, and have been approved
        Even on a low income, i was able to be accepted.

        If anyone else hasn't been able to get a Etsy Shop, i have found the solution!

        My card will be flying through the post in the next 10 days
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          That is helpful to know, I havent tried Etsy yet and dont have a Paypal account although I do have a credit card so I'll seek some advice nearer the time on which is best to use

          Cheers, glad you're sorted and can go ahead with your plans!

          Shaz x
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