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  • any ideas????

    Hi there!

    I'm very new here but am delighted to have found you all!

    I live up in the Highlands of Scotland (altough born and bred in Sweden) and I design and make cloth dolls. I've always been interested in different kinds of craft and sort of stumbled onto doll making a few years back - I love it!
    The problem is, they are everywhere and I really could use some ideas of how to flog them! I work in a hotel where I have the chance to sell them and I have sold a fair few, but it's not ideal since people don't come here to shop but to relax. Another problem I have is that they are quite expensive (range from £100 to £250) so I don't know what type of shop they would be right for. I have counted on the costs of material and the time it takes, and I already pay myself next to nothing per hour.
    I've thought of trying maybe a x-mas fair, but I'm arfaid to end up like Billy No Mate bacause there too expensive!

    Any thoughts or ideas would be more than helpful!

    Many thanks!

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    Have you thought about Or They are ideal if you are starting out as you don't have the hassle of setting up your own website etc and driving traffic to it. Are you on Flickr too? It's great for getting your work out there and seen by lots of different people.
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      Thanks for that, I will look into it all!
      It's such a jungle out there and I'm soo bad at computers so it's great to get some advice of where to start!