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  • Packaging for charity link-up

    Hello all! I am after some advice on packaging supplies.

    I am going into 'partnership' with a local charity - Rowcroft Hospice in South Devon. I will be selling my jewellery in a few of their boutique-y shops and also donating a portion of my profits from other sales. I need to find some affordable but chic looking jewellery boxes and gift bags in their colours - a mid/dark sky blue, aubergine plum and goldish mustard - I would be looking for plain boxes in an assortment of these colours.
    It needs to be plain and matte so that I can write/stamp my logo (which is my signature) and attach a sticker of their logo. I need a variety of sizes to accommodate all types of jewellery, but obviously I don't want to pay a large amount as I don't want to bump my prices up as the jewellery needs to sell within a charity shop environment (albeit a slightly upmarket type). I would like to order a fairly small quantity to start with to see how it goes, but possibly will be ordering in larger quantities going forward.

    Can anyone suggest any affordable suppliers that can offer this? Also would anyone know if I would get a VAT break as it is for charity (although I will still be taking some profit, they will get a portion of all my sales)

    Many thanks for any help and recommendations!


    Fiona Hazlitt Jewellery Design

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    Tiny Box Company


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      thank you for the suggestion unfortunately they don't have quite what I need (very close though) and although they do custom orders, the minimum quantity is 1000 ( ) slightly(!) more than I was hoping to invest at first!

      Does anyone use any other suppliers? I was hoping to pay in the region of 50p/box, I know that may seem low, but as it is a charity venture I don't want to pay out large amounts as I would have to charge more and I don't think that will be an expected rate in a charity environment!


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        I think you will be hard pushed to find boxes for that value especially to suit all sizes of jewellery, the only other one is The Bag n Box Man. Don't under value what you are making even if for charity as this could impact on your own work if it has your name on it. We have a charity event once a year near us in a private house, stallholders charge excellent prices and the customers go out laden down with purchases. You could try ebay as often you get job lots that are unwanted but they will be mixed colours.

        Not sure what you mean about a vat break, if you mean can the supplier not charge you vat on your boxes as for charity use then no they would not do that, you would have to pay vat as normal as do charity shops if the turnover is above the threshold. I think you are thinking of gift aid which enables the charity to reclaim the tax you would have paid on a donation. You would show the donation as going out of your accounts and as a payment out this would reduce your tax payment. The charity will ask you to complete a gift aid form.