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Cyberspace vs. The Real World

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  • Cyberspace vs. The Real World

    Can I ask your opinion? I have been spending an awful lot of time online in the last few weeks.. eBaying, etsying, blogging, and listing myself on lots of other agencies etc.. just trying to get the word out as I'm sure most of you very familiar with..! We all know it's an uphill struggle sometimes!

    Sometimes it seems such a big world out there in cyberspace that I wonder if it will all pay off in the end, so I've decided to try a bit more 'real-world' marketing next, approaching local retailers, maybe doing a leaflet drop, that kind of thing. Have any of you had experience of both, and which did you find more successful?

    Thanks, as always.
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    Most crafters I know use their online shop/site to compliment their off-line activities... e.g. as much as their business comes from giving a leaflet to people at shows who then buy through the website, as they sell directly at the show. In the "pre internet" days this wasn't always practicle as the only way to do it was with a full colour brochure. Now you can have a sudo brochure on net for a fraction of the cost.....

    It is much better for return custom as well, they don't hae to wait for you to be at a local show again and neither do you have to try and describe items oer the phone :-)

    Building up an email list of interested people is invaluable, both individualcustomers and trade outlet... then when you bring out a new line / item you can let them all know very quickly.
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      I think you have to do it 'ALL', as you find customer's everywhere.

      With a lot of your work being personalised, it could work well getting out there showing people samples in the flesh, and mayble drop your details into florists, shops and venues. Or even exhibit at shows.

      Even though I run a web-shop, I still need to advertise in magazines, use 'google ads' and listings, and exhibit at bead shows. It takes time for people to know you exist.

      Another point, at the top of your website you say 'friendly, reliable service' yet I can't see your name, address or phone number displayed, only a contact form. As well as people needing to know who they are paying money to, or speak to someone about their requirements, you need to comply with 'e-commerce regulations 2002' and display these.

      Hope you take this in the spirit of which it is meant.....constructive not critical

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        Sorry Typ, I thought I'd posted on here before now

        As someone who's only dipped a toe in the cyberworld since joining this lovely community, the most success Ive had so far has definitely come from word of mouth - my fella telling his pupils, passengers & bosses about me - my stepmum has just shown my samples to a friend who's placed an order

        I do have an advert on the back of my vehicle (although thats for NLP therapy) but that's generated some enquiries & only cost £40 to have done

        And, as you know from other posts, I'm gonna keep trying to get my samples into business premises during their lunch breaks - and if I do get in, I can highly recommend running a little competition to encourage people to give you their contact details in exchange for a chance to be one of 2/3 winners of a free gift - that got me 40 names from my first little fair so I'll be trying it again at my next one

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          Originally posted by Beadservice View Post
          I think you have to do it 'ALL', as you find customer's everywhere.
          I think you are so right Debbie, you just can't predict which direction your (potential) customers are going to approach you from.

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            That's part of the problem though isn't it - trying to do it all. I have my blog, my website, my Etsy, Dawanda and Tuggle shops. I'm on Flickr and manage 3 groups on there, I've joined a local craft group, am a moderator on here, do craft fairs and run Cuteable. I'm also a WAHM to 2 small children - it's hard to prioritise sometimes
            But I do think you are right and you do need to get out there and get your name known both online and in person.
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              Thanks for all your replies, lots for me to think about there!
              This forum really is a lifeline sometimes
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                Solid and sensible advice, moon stag, thank you. It's pretty obvious that I should be asking my customers where they found me but I haven't been doing this (doh).

                "AdWords is famously an easy way to drive traffic to your listings or site and yet one of the quickest ways on the internet to lose your shirt"
                What does this mean? I know what AdWords is, just don't know what you mean by losing your shirt?
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                  Ouch, that sounds like a nightmare!! Thanks for explaining
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                    Very helpful advice Moon Stag. Thankyou


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                      Oh blooming 'ec! TYP's post has got me thinking! I really ought to wake up! I've been stuck in cyberspace for months now. I forgot there was a "real world"! I have been avoiding selling and marketing offline because I haven't got the confidence. How pathetic is that? Does anyone have this problem?
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