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    As a few people have pointed out SEO or search engine optimisation is going to be the engine that drives your customers directly to your website. Without it you will find it hard to even be noticed (unless someone happens across your links on Facebook, Twitter etc) I suggest looking into which Keywords are best for your niche by doing some deep keyword analysis on your niche or website, find the best ones with the least or most (depending on your preference) competition. Then just create whats called backlinks to your website but not too many too soon or Google will class them as SPAM! It is hard work to do all of this and it is very time consuming though as its not an overnight process its continuous! Just a few pointers to help you out there thought I would add some extra detail into what others have said. Need anymore help either PM me or ask the owner of this website as I read on another post he does SEO.
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      Everyone is talking about SEO and it's definitely important, but SEO is HARD now compared to the good old days where you could easily appear. SEO takes a lot longer now to kick in too. Think about it this way, if you wanted to appear for "Christmas Hair Extensions 2017" you should have started back in 2016.

      Instead, why not reach out others crafters and see if you can write a post for them. If you get the green light to do this, make it a fantastic post about a craft they could do themselves. Be sure to link back to your own store in the post and if their readers like it, they'll definitely checkout your store. Hell, they may even buy something if they like what they see!


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        ok. i try it


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          My friend with a little patience after one year...good sales.
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