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  • Need selling tips

    Hi guys, so I've had my creations on Etsy for about a month now, but I haven't sold anything as of yet. Does anyone have any tips for me as it would be much appreciated? My shop address and Facebook page are in my sig. Thanks.

    Asten x x x

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    You are in a difficult market and competing with many other sellers, so it will take time to get spotted and for orders come rolling in.

    I had a look at your items listed and I hope you dont mind me saying, but your photos need to be a little lighter and I was not sure exactly what you were selling from your short description, It could have been a bracelet or a ring as you don't really say.

    Sharpen up your photography .. as this is your shop window and describe your items in a more accurate enticing way. Scroll through a few sellers and see how they do it and try to do it in a similar way.

    good luck !
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      I think you need to work on your photos a bit - they don' show your work off to the best advantage. They are a bit dark and a bit bluey, and they look as though you have used a flash which as well as giving shadows can alter the colours too. I gave up trying to light stuff properly indoors and now photograph everything out of doors. I think you need to give more information too - what are the beads made of, what kind of wire, what size will the bracelet fit, how do they fasten, how did you make the bracelets, that sort of thing.

      Have a look at a few other shops on Etsy or Folksy to get a feel for how other sellers do things - not to copy them, but just for inspiration.

      Above all don't lose heart -it takes an awful long time to get noticed in jewellery, a month is just a smidge in the scheme of things.
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        OK thanks for the advice


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          Did you update your photograpsh yet? Interested in seeing the difference.
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