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Advice re selling on crafts shows?

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  • Advice re selling on crafts shows?

    Hello all,

    I run an online shop selling cross stitch patterns. I am thinking of booking a small stand in the Stitch & Creative Crafts in London. However the smallest stand costs around £635 (incl vat) plus some basic extras like electricity.
    I was wondering if anyone in here has been in this show and how effective is it? My worry is that the stand costs a lot and I must be able to at least cover my costs. Has anyone been there and was successful? Any help is much appreciated.
    Thank you!
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    The large craft shows are always very very expensive because they attract alot of buyers. I am exhibiting again at the Hobby,Craft and Stitch Trade fair in February at the NEC and the price of my stand, a couple of electrical sockets and a light is enough to make your hair curl!! I haven't even started with the hiring of my stand furniture, PAT testing of all my electrical stuff and public liability insurance..
    It's a big decision to spend that much, have you checked out the exhibition organisers website? It should give you details of the numbers of people who attended last year and you will probably be able to see a list of who exhibited last year, check to see if there were any companies doing the same sort of thing as you. Then see if they are exhibiting this year..that could give you a clue to whether it was worth their while going back.
    I don't think there is any hard and fast advice about whether you should exhibit or not. Good luck with whatever you decide.
    Now I'm off to open a tin of beans and heat it over a candle so I can afford the £12.00 each I have to pay for night covers on my stand!!!
    Anice xx
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      Anice, thanks for your advice. There aren't many exhibitors about cross stitch which is surprising to me but I haven't checked last year so will need to do that now.
      I am thinking of maybe going to the Surrey show, stand is cheaper there
      thanks again for your advice. If anyone else is attending any shows this year please share your thoughts and concerns
      Fine art & Victorian cross stitch patterns. Freebies available.


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        Yiota - if you're still around - did you do the Surrey show this year? I was considering doing the Surrey show in January '09, but after having just read this thread have been put off by the costs. But, I think I might attend the September event as a visitor (because I've never been to this particular show before), get a feel for it and see what sort of companies are exhibiting, and then take it from there.

        I don't really want to do the NEC in February as it's aimed at trade but am wondering if there are any other retail shows that might be worth exhibiting at. Can't do the Knitting & Stitching show because it's in October and I don't have enough time to get organised.
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