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    Hi there,

    Just found a website called craft market corner, which you can list your items on and sell on a commission basis.

    Just wondered if anyone here uses it, or has any feedback on it. I'm not sure what sort of commission they take, as I haven't rung them yet, and they dont seem to list those details on the page.

    the site is at MOD EDIT - IT'S STILL A URL.

    Sorry I'm not old enough to post links yet, and I'm probably not supposed to do that either, so i may be standing in the naughty corner soon. MOD EDIT - YEP, YOU'RE RIGHT THERE!

    Anyway any feedback would be appreciated.


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    Hi ya Dan,

    I made enquiries to them a few months back about selling my jewellery on their site.

    Basically they charge a one time set up fee of £60 to set up the stall on the website. The commission is charge on confirmed orders at retail prices and works out to be about 20% to them (4% of that is credit card processing fees.) and 80% to you.

    I decided not to go any further as it was too much of an overhead for me.
    But if you are interested you have to send them an email with images of your work or point them to a website they will then send you an application form.

    Hope this helps, if you have any more questions give me a shout and will and try and help.

    All the best if you do decided to go ahead with it.

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      I'm going to close this thread - if it was the other way round I'm sure they wouldn't take kindly to you advertising us with them!