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How do you sell your work? What works for you?

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  • How do you sell your work? What works for you?

    Just thought I'd start thread to ask how you sell your work? What do you find are the most successful ways for you and you craft?

    Is it through shops, a website, craft fairs???

    At the moment, mine is through Ebay (I have a shop). I am still waiting for my Mr Site to arrive (it's been two weeks now...where can he be?) but hopefully he'll be here soon, so I can have a website up and running by the new year.

    I thought this would be a good thread to start, to enable you to share your successes and so others can get ideas / and advice.

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    For me, reference my toppers, its my webpage!

    My site has been up and running now for 2 years and although it took a while to get started, I now average 150 to 200 hits a day (a lot more during the 'crazy' wedding months).

    I exchanged links with others in the wedding business and we both help each other with traffic to our sites.

    EBay was okay for me to start off with but to be honest, its not worth me selling on there now as the fee's are so high.

    I really do want to start doing wedding fairs, but its a case of time and money that has held me back! I would have to make at least 10 sets of toppers to show what I can do and at the moment, each set I make is an order.......LOL......which is good!

    So for me, I have to say my webpage!

    p.s..........I stand corrected on my website traffic.............just checked and since yesterday I've actually had 395 hits on my site!! wow...... and thats with me suspending my google account!!!!
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      So far for me it has been word of mouth, or just taking my things out with me and asking people if they would like to have a look, with no obligation to buy and up to press they have all bought something. I have also done a couple of parties and in the summer I did an open house which was pretty good. My son and daughter-in-law are getting me a mr. Site for xmas so hopefully I will have that in the new year. I have wanted to do more parties and open houses but unfortunately my step dad is terminally ill at the moment so I can't commit to anything properly just now.


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        I did the craft fair thing last year when i first started making jewellery with my friend... soon gave that up!! I found village fairs far to 'clickie' you know they would only buy from people they knew from the village type thing...
        So now most of my sales are through word of mouth, i do wear my jewellery quite a lot which of course is the best advert, and working with the public people will comment, on it.
        I do private parties and smallish 'fairs/shopping evenings...
        For example tonight i'm going to a sheltered housing complex where they are having a small evening for residents and staff to buy goodies and get together for mince pies.. the table is free and there is only going to be me, my mum with her handbags, a bodyshop woman and a lady who makes christmas table decorations.
        Then Thurs night my sister is hosting a Clairvoyant evening at the local hockey club, and i'm going to put some stuff on a table at the back near the bar so they can all buy something in the break!!
        I did my website but i've never put much effort into selling from it as i find the amount i'm selling suits me, my daytime job has been very busy...we are opening another branch in Colchester.. so my jewellery is still very much a hobbie..