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online selling - which web sites are best?

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  • online selling - which web sites are best?

    Hello All,

    I've never sold any of my crafted items but now wish to do so.

    I'd like to sell online on a craft website - any advice on which is best and how much they cost (approximately!) ???

    Is it easy to do?

    thanks, Helen.

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    Hi Helen,There are loads of sites out there and it's very easy. They vary in cost but usually there's a listing fee and commission. There are some free ones you could try as if it doesn't cost you anything it gives you a chance to get the ball rolling and learn how it works a bit (photographing your work and uploading, writing descriptions and profiles, and don't forget your t & c's). Tosouk is a free one, also Big Cartel is free but only up to 5 items and I think Facebook have a free shop app you can add to your page. Folksy and Etsy (as well as many others) charge listing fees and commission, then there are others like Storebeez that are commission only so it's free to list and they only get money if you sell so you cant lose. Another option is to have your own website and pay a monthly fee, like Create, but you might not want to commit until you've tested the water a bit?What is it that you make?
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      I have tried selling on Folksy, Etsy and MISI - have had a couple of sales on all of them, however when I tracked the web traffic most of it was either coming from my blog or facebook page so I decided to set up my own site with create, which so far seems to be doing ok. I have also linked my shop to my facebook page.

      Folksy etc all work similar to ebay in that they charge you a listing fee and then a commision on the final sale price, with create you pay a monthly fee for the site. Its not too expensive to list a couple of items just to see how it goes.



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        Another vote for create can put your create shop directly on your Facebook page too!! Prices are very reasonable and the customer service is second to none IMO (and no, I'm not on commission lol, just a happy customer)
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          And another vote for Create!!
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