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selling on ebay and postage costs packaging types

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  • selling on ebay and postage costs packaging types

    hiyas all i would like a bit of advice re selling my items on fleabay
    have lots of handmade wax melts in many scents worked out what it has cost me to make selling in packs of 9 or 12. issue is postage and packaging do i up the initial cost of item from 1.60 too include postage or do i charge postage seperate also supplies of postage materials item weighs no more than 200g and i think i can get it too be under 25mm thick so can go as large letter rather than parcel/packet second class is under £1

    not including cost of wrapping and this is where i am struggling item size is about 120mm by 120mm by 24mm ish
    no idea what would be best way of wapping these as this is all new to me,
    selling them to raise funds for my little ones special needs school
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    First thing I'd do is pack one up as if ready to post and take it to the post office and get them to check that it would go as a large letter, if they are 24mm ish then you haven't got much margin the play with and you don't want to assume they'll be fine - the difference in price between large letter and packet is quite a bit and you don't want to get caught out.

    Sorry can't help with the other questions as I so rarely sell on ebay.
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      good advice i will do that many thanks once i get some packing sorted there are different types 3 hour or 6 hour ones but i worked out packing will work the same for both types
      was wondering if clear plastic box wrapped in brown paper would be lighter than card will have to maybe get some or raid post office and start weight empty packets there lol i can see the look now as they say hmm crazy one is hear :O hehe
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        When selling on e-bay you should always charge for your postage separately and include the price of the packaging with the postage. The listing fee and final value fee charged by e-bay are based on the price of the item you list and there is no fee payable on post and packing.

        Hope this helps



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          ah good to know many thanks i allways thought it was done on a combined basis so if item is 99p and postage 1.20 it would be cheaper to list than item 2,60 free postage
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            As said ebay charges are on item amount excluding postage/&packaging however paypal charge you .034% per TOTAL invoice amount which includes P&P plus 20p per invoice.

            Beware when posting an item that means all the contents can drop down one end of the package can change the postage cost ie it's all laid out nicely so fits into a given postage catorgory you pay but oh dear in the post the items all move down one end of the package and form a thicker lump which now means it won't fit through the letter box guide so your customer will be charged the extra postage cost plus £1 adminstration fee.
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