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How best to display hats and scarves at fayre?

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  • How best to display hats and scarves at fayre?

    Hello, we running a /Christmas craft and produce fayre in Novemeber to raise funds for our Passage to India team , and I'm going to do a stall there too. I'm after some marketing advice here from you old hands.

    At the moment I'm frantically knitting loads of kids/adults hats/scarves gloves lush soft fluffy mohairs and angoras, and funky colours (I knew that great big blue sack of left over wools would be used one day!) How is it best to display these, any ides? Just laying flat on the table won't look too appealing, but as this is a one off (unless it goes really well) I don't want to be spending out on equipment. The other thing, and this might seem a bit odd to ask, is how much do you sell these sort of things for? The mohair wools are quite expensive a ball, but they are left overs from other projects, I don't want to over price things so poeple just look, sniff, and walk away...but then I don't want to be giving them away considering the time and effort put in also.

    I've also got loads of lacy/chiffony negligees for more curvaceous women, babydolls that i made last winter , these I'm going to put on a rail. But will people find that odd mixture.

    I'm also hoping to find some quick and easy projects that I , and maybe some of the kids (14-16) could make for a stall of their own, any ideas here? What goes well at Christmas?

    Sorry about the long post

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    Hi, How about draping them over a nice piece of drift wood, or a tall ornament of some kind?
    Hope this helps, and good luck.


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      Cheers Sue, what a brilliant idea...I've got some pices of driftwood in the garden... I just knew they'd come in handy...

      it's also perfect as the hats etc have a real Scandinavian look about perfect...Thank you so much.


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        Your welcome, glad I could help.