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Folksy Etsy - do you put the same products on both

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  • Folksy Etsy - do you put the same products on both

    I opened a Folksy shop a few weeks ago and am considering whether to also open an Etsy shop.
    The question I can't work out is whether you list the same items on both to maximise exposure, but as all my things are one of a kind I then run the risk of selling the same thing twice and will always loose one listing cost (which isn't significant really).
    I also have my own website but as this is new I don't expect a lot of traffic through that for a while.

    How does anyone else cope with this??

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    I've got the same thing listed on Folksy and Etsy but as I haven't had any sales yet and starting to wonder if I ever will it isn't a problem. I'm also taking the same things to a show next weekend and leaving them on while I go as you can easily delist.

    I think if you sold cheaper things it may be wiser to just list on one just in case but I think you could take a chance on more expensive items as the climate isn't very good for selling at the moment.


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      Hi there, I am in exactly the same predicament as you, I have a few handmade bags on Folksy and Etsy and have just launched my website as well. I have had a few orders through the website but I have had nothing from Folksy and Etsy. I am not sure what if anything can be done to get on the first page, it seems impossible. The only only other thing is price really, maybe consider reducung price? What do you think?
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        I reproduce things I make, so selling the same item twice isn't an issue for me at the moment. However, I have had sales for the same item within minutes of each other through my website - more than once.

        I think if you're doing one-offs it is something to be aware of. I'm not saying don't list them twice, but decide in advance what you're going to do about it if it happens.
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          Hi Catherine

          Me too! I listed on Etsy first, and thought I would see how that went, three sales in six weeks, so I soon got bored of waiting and went for Folksy, 2 sales in three weeks on that one! I thought I would just keep my fingers crossed and hope, because I have a day job, I would struggle to quickly delist on the other site, but so far I have been lucky, and the only things that have sold on Folksy are things I can easily remake. Most of my stuff is one of a kind, although I could do another, as I have the materials, I just don't like to

          It is very tricky, because you can get negative feedback for no longer having the item for sale, I have seen it a few times on Etsy, I don't think there is an easy answer, other than only selling on one, and because it's so difficult sometimes to even get that sale, any negative feedback can do a lot of harm.

          I tend to only promote my Etsy site, as below in my links, because I don't want to get caught out, but time will tell! Good luck, though you shouldn't need it, your little animals are incredibly cute! xx
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            I would suggest maybe not listing one item on both websites straight away, then you can get an idea of what sells and where it is selling. Then, as you get more confident, you could try listing on both. If you have notification updates on your phone, you can be ready to pull one off a site as soon as it is sold elsewhere. If in doubt, start slowly.



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              In the terms and conditions on my website I do state that as I sell through other venues, if someone buys an item that has just sold to someone else, then I will offer to make a duplicate (which takes 2 weeks) or I can offer them a refund. It's only happened once and it was no problem.



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                i had stuff on both, and a site called mudpool, but i only ever sold on folksy! i dont know if its the same for most, or if i sell products that are more folksy inclined??? i now too have my own website
                which was only launched a few days ago, so fingers crossed for us both!

                Zoe Farley