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  • Etsy - shipping to US

    For those folk who use Etsy do you ship to the US? At the moment I have restricted myself to the UK and deleted the US shipping option, but wondered if it may be okay to ship to the US as most of the folk who seem to be browsing the shop/favouriting items are from the US so I may get more sales that way. Other than the additional cost of postage is there anything else i need to be aware of?

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    Make sure that your customers know the approx shipping time and add announcements to your shop if there are any postal strikes etc.

    Your local post office will be able to give you piles of airmail and customs stamps if you ask.
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      I have an etsy shop & will ship to USA so far my sales have mainly been to US, it makes sense to me to ship there as it is a USA based site. Can't think of any other reason not to other than postage costs but then that gets charged to the buyer! Will be interested to see if anyone else has had any problems as im relatively new to etsy!


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        Make sure you check out your insurance T&C's as many companies won't cover you for sales to the US or Canada, presumably because they have more of a sue culture over there.
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          I regularly send to the US. I always offer International Signed For postage and request that people *convo* me (email me) if they want a cheaper option where I can state that so far no-one has not received their goods within 3 days but there's always a first time. Make sure your policies section states this, make your shipping option outside of the UK the most secure and ask that people convo you first if they want a cheaper chipping option.

          I would say don't limit your sales to the EU if you're selling on Etsy as the biggest market is going to be the US and Canada - and elsewhere.
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            Thanks for your answers - think i might give it a try.

            @RandomlyGenerated - 'scuse my ignorance but what are customs stamps?


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              Maybe they mean Customs Stickers - a white sticky you need to fill out when sending anything overseas.
              Custom tribal belly dance costumes & accessories

              Unique jewellery for those who love to turn heads


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                Just add to your sales spec that you sell under the UK laws for selling this will cover you for sale to the US, advised to do this by my insurance company then they buy and accept those terms.

                You can download and print to complete the customs paperwork from the Post Office website be specific what you are sending and sometimes best to put gift in the description that way the person the other end will not get clobbered for import tax duty. (The latter bit of info got from my local post office counter manager makes it easier through customs)


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                  Shipping to the Us

                  Shipping to the us is easy but first aquaint yourself of the costs and size restrictions of the various carriers. Let the buyer know what the cost is upfront instead at the checkout so they won't feel like they have been duped. 60% of all sales fall at the checkout due to additional charges.


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                    I do believe each state in the US has it's own import tax rules. It definately varies country to country. Senders have given up trying to keep track of all the variations so you need a clause in your small print saying responsibility for paying any import tax/charges rests with the customer.

                    Basically if they are buying cheap things parcels get through with no problem. Once the cost of the goods creep up the parcel can get stopped and heavy (well, I think they are rip off heavy) charges can be levied to release it.
                    The levels can be different for bought goods and gifts, hence the earier advice...but beware. Your parcel can be opened by customs and having an invoice in there would be a bit of a give away if you had said it was a gift.........
                    I've stuck with the truth and not had any problems. (Not quite true. I got clobbered once by something coming to me. Hence me knowing about rip off 'handling charges'.) but...what have I done? ......50? transactions overseas have gone smoothly. I have figured in the blips into my business costs.

                    Something else that might need a get out clause is if you use Royal Mail or Parcel Force. They only insure your parcel while it's in the UK. Rather pathetic as far as insurance goes for posting overseas, don't you think? You might want to consider Fedex or similar who I am sure have got their act more together.....but I'm sure that's reflected in the higher costs.


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                      Gosh - sounds a bit scary. As I'm just setting up it might be an idea for me just to stick to the UK for now, and maybe get set up on Folksy too. And then once i'm abit more confident and more organised then think about perhaps reaching out to the US.

                      Insurance - hadnt really thought about that either. Mmmmm...